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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical& Electronics Engineering is one of the oldest departments of the Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College (NMREC). Established as one of the major departments of the Institute, since its inception in 2001, the Department of EEE has been actively engaged in teaching and research in diverse fields of Electrical Engineering. With excellent faculty, the Department offers B.Tech in EEE and M.Tech in Electrical Power Engineering (EPE).

The Department has well experienced faculty including regular professors and emeritus professors who give their valuable inputs for the development of the department.

The Department has strong Industry interaction and has been involved in conducting industry visits and providing internships for the students. The faculty are also actively involved in interaction with the industry and have taken up various consultancy projects.


To grow & develop as a globally accredited Electrical & Electronics Engineering Education Centre, training competent Engineers for tomorrow.


1. To grow & develop as Centre of excellence in Electrical Engineering studies promoting students for higher education & research.
2. To train technical graduates highly motivated for accepting challenging assignments in industry, corporate and private sectors.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1. To develop and produce engineers of excellence possessing team spirit, professional ethics and highly motivated with concern for society, to take up challenging assignments in Electrical equipment manufacturing industry, power sector catering to generation, transmission, distribution & maintenance of power plant equipment and non-conventional energy sectors.
2. To develop and produce engineers highly motivated for lifelong learning towards research, higher education and competitive challenges for future
3. To develop engineers with social, technical & economical concern for accepting assignments in Corporate and private sector.

B. Tech EEE (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)

The department offers B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with an intake of 60 students.


☛  EEE News Letter 2018-19 SEM - I


First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
☛  1-1 EEE R18 Syllabus
☛  1-2 EEE R18 Syllabus
☛  2-1 EEE R16 Syllabus
☛  2-2 EEE R16 Syllabus
☛  3-1 EEE R16 Syllabus
☛  3-2 EEE R16 Syllabus
☛  4-1 EEE R15 Syllabus
☛  4-2 EEE R15 Syllabus

M. Tech EPE (Electrical Power Engineering)

EEE Department offers M.Tech programme in Electrical Power Engineering with an intake of 18 students. Electrical Power Engineering as a sub-specialization under the ambit of electrical engineering aims at studying generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization of electric power and electrical apparatus connected to such system.


First Year Second Year
☛  1-1 EPE R19 Syllabus
☛  1-2 EPE R19 Syllabus
☛  2-1 EPE R17 Syllabus
☛  2-2 EPE R17 Syllabus

Department Faculty


The department is backed up by highly efficient Laboratories encompassing the following practical domains :

☛ Electrical Machines-I Lab

☛ Electrical Machines-II Lab

☛ Electrical Measurements Lab

☛ Control Systems & Simulation Lab

☛ Simulation Lab

☛ Power Systems Lab

☛ Power Electronics Lab

☛ Network Theory Lab

The laboratories are equipped with the state of the art equipment and contemporary software tools like MATLAB, PSPICE, etc. The students are exposed to the best experimental practices under expert guidance from faculty members and laboratory staff.
M.Tech Labs:

☛ Power Systems Simulation Laboratory

☛ Power Systems-I Laboratory

Research @ EEE

NMREC enables faculty to work at their full potential level by providing facilities for research which in turn enrich their teaching. NMREC's resolute commitment in creating a Research Environment ∶ It provides an environment conducive for research where the faculty members and students continuously update their knowledge and are always on the leading edge of learning and technology. Faculty members and students are free to set their own research agendas and are provided with exclusive labs for their specialized work. Simultaneously, Students get the benefit of learning latest updates/technologies through this cycle of Researching ╶ Learning ╶ Application and Dissemination of knowledge at a higher level Regular faculty improvement programmes and participation in various workshops and seminars provide the opportunity to share pertinent and valuable information for a synchronized collaboration of strength, skill and joint purpose.

The department has developed prototypes in the form of projects for the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical energy incorporating the advanced technologies and covering a wide range of fields such as control systems, microprocessors, electronics, electrical machines and signal processing.

The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is involved in research in the areas of Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering, Advanced Power Electronics and Electric Drives, and Renewable Energy.
EEE Dept. broadly identified the following three research fields
1. Renewable Energy Research Centre
The following renewable energy systems are available:
i. Two gobar gas plants
ii. Thermal water heating systems (tubular) 6000 liters
iii. Vermin compost plant.

The following test systems are proposed to be established.
i. Solar Photo-voltaic test system for the performance evaluation of Solar Photo Voltaic system.
ii. Wind energy resource center, Potential Wind sites Wind Climatology studies, simulation of Wind regime patterns, complex terrain studies etc.
iii. Stand-alone /grid assisted system: Bio-mass, Bio-gas plants development for rural dwellers.
iv. Solar Photo Voltaic, Wind and Bio-mass hybrid energy system for rural electrification.
v. Reliability evaluation of Hydro or Wind or Solar Photo voltaic power generation systems.
2. Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering
i. Determination of Di-electric strength of liquids and solids.
ii. Applications of insulating materials and study of its insulating strengths.
iii. Testing of Circuit Breakers. Capacitance and Di-electric loss measurement of insulating materials using Schering Bridge etc.
3. Advanced Power Electronics and Electric Drives Lab
i. Power Quality improvement using Multilevel Inverters.
ii. Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Logic based Power Electronics.
iii. Three phase induction motor adaptive modulation time domain fault diagnosis, high
iv. Frequency high voltage pulse aging study etc.

Research Groups and their Activites by Area of Research

Renewable Energy Team

1. Dr. Moinuddin K Syed
2. Dr. Satyabrata Sahoo
3. Mr. K.Ramulu
4. Mr. M.Dilip Kumar
5. Mr. V.Vijay Kumar
The above research group members are working on Renewable Energy systems

Micro-grid Team

1. Dr. Ch. Nagaraja Kumari
2. Dr. V.Mahesh
3. Mrs. M.Aruna
4. Mrs.B.Sushma
5. Mr. T.Surshana Rao
Electric Power Systems Research is an international medium concerned with the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical energy.
It is a special application field of Electrical Engineering, specially becoming more popular and demanding due to Power Transmissions at Ultra High Voltage level.

Power Electronics Team

1. Dr. Kalirasu.A
2. Dr. N.Lavanya
3. Mrs. R.Mega Rani
4. Mrs. H.Swarnalatha
5. Mrs. T.Lavanya


☛ Control Strategy for Series Hybrid Active Power Filter to Mitigate Voltage Sag, Swell, Unbalance and Harmonics Applied to BLDC Drive, International Journal of scientific Engineering and Technology Research, Vol. 06, Issue.23, July 2017, Ms. B. Sushma ,Assistant Professor & Ms. D. Laxmi, Assistant Professor
☛ Design and Simulation of Cascaded Multi Level Inverter with Less Number of Switches Fed Induction Motor Drive, ISBN: 978╶93╶ 86171╶53╶ 5, 10th International Conference on Recent Innovations in Science, Engineering and Management, (ICRISEM╶17) 7th July, 2017, by Dr. J. Bhagwan Reddy, Professor & Ramulu Kummaripally, Assistant Professor.
☛ DC Bus Voltage and power compensation with Bidirectional Inverter in DC Micro grid Applications, 1st International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering Technology, (ICRTET ╶17) 28th -29th July, 2017, by Ramulu Kummaripally ,Assistant Professor.
☛ Bio mass, Wind and Solar PV Hybrid Energy System for off Grid Applications in India, presented a paper at International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Information Technology (ICAEIT 2017), at Linton University Malaysia, during 7╶9 Dec, 2017 by Dr. M. Rajendar Reddy, Professor & Dr. J. Bhagwan Reddy, Professor.
☛ Reducing the costs of Reactive power purchased in an ancillary service market by Modified Y-bus matrix method using capacitors in International Journal of scientific Engineering and Technology Research, Vol.06, Issue.03, in Jan 2017 by Dr. M. Rajendar Reddy ,Professor.
☛ Simulation of A Three-Level Full-Bridge Zero-Voltage Zero-Current Switching Converter With Switching Modes, International Conference in Recent Trends in Engineering, Hyderabad, 28╶29, July 2017, pp. 160-166 by Dr. M. Rajendar Reddy , Professor. 7. A Three Phase Dual Buck Inverter with unified PWM Applied to Induction Motor, International Journal IJIEMR ISSN 2456╶5083 by D. Laxmi, Assistant Professor.
☛ A Full Bridge DC-DC Converter with Capacitive Output Filter for PHEV Driven Induction Motor Drive, an International journal IJCRT, ISSN ISSN╶2320╶2882 on 18 jan-2018 by T.Sudarshana Rao, Assistant Professor.
☛ A Strategic Markov Approach for Reliability Assessment of Engineering Systems, presented a paper at International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Initiatives for Energy within Environmental Constraints 2017, during 13-14 Dec, 2017, Vol. 1, Malaysia, pp. 35╶42 by Dr. J. Bhagwan Reddy ,Professor.
☛ Solar PV and hybrid Energy system for Rural Electrification, paper presented, 6th World Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Universities Muhammadiyah Ponorogo, Indonesia, during 26-27 August 2017, pp. 113-121 by Dr. J. Bhagwan Reddy , Assistant Professor & D.Ramesh, Assistant Professor.
☛Simulation of A Three Level Full Bridge Zero Voltage Zero Current Switching Converter With Switching Modes International Conference in Recent Trends in Engineering, Hyderabad, 28-29, July 2017, pp. 160╶166 by , Dr. J. Bhagwan Reddy Professor.& M. Rajesh Kumar ,Assistant Professor.
☛ Study of Different Fault Conditions using D-STATCOM Employing Diesel Generator based Isolation Generation System, International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology vol.4,issue 5 on 16th March 2018,by A. Mounika Reddy Assistant Professor, & M. Aruna, Assistant Professor.
☛ Design of Power Factor Correction Model Using PFC Boost Converter for Control Solid State Lamps, International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology,ISSN:2455╶3778,vol.4,Issue 03, March 2018, by M. Aruna, Assistant Professor.

Conferences/Workshops/Guest lectures

A.Y 2019-2020

Association of Electrical Engineers (AEE) of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of NMREC organized a Guest Lecture on “Trends and opportunities in Photo Voltaic Power Installations ” on 03rd February 2020 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM. The guest lecture was delivered by eminent speaker: Dr. Chakravarthi Mukthevi, Prof and Head of Electrical Engineering, Vasavi Engineering College. The lecture was attended by 150 students and 15 Faculty members of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department.
The guest speaker Dr. Chakravarthi Mukthevi, shared his rich experience in Design and installation Photo Voltaic Power during the lecture. He took a case study and explained how to install photo voltaic power system practically. The lecture was very interactive. Students posed various queries which were answered well by the resource person.

A.Y 2016-17 to A.Y 2018-19


☛ A Two day National Conference on "Latest Trends in Electrical Engineering" was held on 16th &17th March 2018 .The conference chief guest G. Ramesh, Retd. Chief Engineer, Kovvada Nuclear Power Plant.
☛ A Two day National Conference on "Modern Trends in Renewable Energy Sources" from 31-03-2017 to 01-04-2017. Dr.N.Kiran Kumar, Professor, was the Chief Guest.
☛ A Two day National Conference on "Modern Trends in Wind Power Generation" from 16-02-2016 to 17-02-2016. Mr.B.Viresh Kumar, AGM  Medha Servo Drives Pvt. Ltd was the Chief Guest and Mr.D.Prashanth Reddy,MD, AP Motronix, was the Guest of Honour.


1. Workshop on "Home Automation" on 27-02-2018. Speaker K.Yeshwanth
2. Workshop on Arduino Software. On 23-12-2016.
Speaker : Dr.G V V Sharma, IIIT, Hyderabad.

Guest Lectures

1."Development of Waste to Electricity using Information Technology & Numerical Methods" on 28-10-2017
Speaker :Dr R. Hafeez Basha, Ph.D, Chief Technology Officer, BRCORP
2. "Power System Component Modeling" on 09-09-2017
Speaker : Dr. P.V. Bala Subhramanyam , Professor, CBIT and Retd.From CPRI, Benguluru.
3. "Usage of Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Sources" on 31-03-2017
Speaker : Mr. N. Kiran Kumar
4. "Indian Power Sector scenario and Introduction to HV/EHV gas Insulated Substation GIS/AIS air insulated Substation" on 23-02-2017.
Speaker : Mr. Ravi Jatoth, Senior Engineer, BHEL Ramachandrapuram.
5. "A Short Overview of the Semiconductor Process: From Design to Manufacturing to Packing" on 30-07-2016
6. "Simulation Tools For Electrical Engineering Applictions" on11-03-2016
Speaker : Mr. T.Chandrakanth, MATLAB Training and Consultant, PLANK Technical.
7."Wind Power Generation" on 16/02/2016
Speakers: Mr. S. M. Bhabra, General Manager, Medha servo drives
M. Lalithya, Design Engineer, VERITRONICS Pvt. Ltd
8 ."Modern Turbine Generators & Condition Assessment Techniques" on 19-12-2015
9. "Career in automation for Electrical Engineers" on 20-08-2015
Speaker: Sri. A. Shiva Kumar, Automation Engineer, SIEMENS, Singapore.

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