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“Industry-Institute-Research Meet” organized on 3rd December, 2010

Members Present:

1. Dr. V. Siva Rama Prasad, Principal, NMREC
2. Dr. C.M. Vara Prasad, Director, Research Centre, NMREC
3. Dr. Divya Nalla, Vice-Principal, NMREC
4. Mr. Kishore Gummaraju, Sr. Consultant, Cap Gemini, India
5. Mr. S. Nagewara Rao, Retired Regional Manager, Indian Bank
6. Dr. K. Babu Rao, Director, Navayuga Infotech
7. Dr. T. Raghu, Scientist ‘F’ , DMRL, Hyderabad
8. Dr. V. Gopala Krishna, Scientist, DMRL, Hyderabad
9. Mr. A. Anand Rao, Scientist, DMRL, Hyderabad
10. Mr. Ch.V.S. Ramchandra, GM, ApGenco, Hyderabad
11. Mr. V.S. Ramana Rao,Business Development Manager, HCL
12. Mr. Ch. Vallabh, T.H, HCL
13. Mr. L.V.M. Satish, Manager Trainee, Kalwa Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
14. Mr. M. Narasimha Rao, Director, Involute Automation Pvt. Ltd.
15. Mr. Ch. V. Ananth, Manager, IDB
16. Mr. Ch.N.V. Phanindra, Tech. Support Engineer, Physitech Electronics
17. Mr. P.B.V.V. Kumar, Staff Application Engineer, Synopsys
18. Mr.Abdur Rahman, Net Matric Solutions
19. Mr. G.S. Suresh, CEO, Adroit Financial Services
20. Mr. Bharat, Manager, Adroit Financial Services
21. Mr. Zalfikar, Operations, Netmatric Solutions
22. Mr. P. Rahul, Director, Efficient Carbon
23. Mr. Dhanunjaya, Director, Thrive Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
24. Ms. A. Meghana, HR, UTS
25. Mr. Jagadish, Marketing Executive, UTS
26. Ms. Poornima, UTS
27. Prof. P.V.S. Siva Prasad, HOD, CSE, NMREC
28. Prof. Ramchandra, HOD, ECE, NMREC
29. Prof. K. Raghuram, HOD, EEE, NMREC
30. Prof. K.C. Arun, HOD, IT, NMREC
31. Dr. T. Mohandas, HOD, ME, NMREC
32. Prof. G. V. Anjaneyulu, HOD, MCA, NMREC
33. Dr. J. Yellaiah, HOD, H&SS, NMREC
34. Prof. I. Sudhakar, ECE Member, Research Centre, NMREC
35. Prof. Sada Siva Sarma, ECE, NMREC
36. Mr. A. Rajasekhar, HOD, MBA, NMREC
37. Mr. G. Venkat Reddy, HOD, M&PS, NMREC
38. Mr. D.B. Krishna Murthy, EEE, Member- Research Council, NMREC
39. Mr. J. Raghavender, M&PS, Member-Research Council, NMREC
40. Mr. M.P. Basant Singh, H&SS, Member-Research Council, NMREC
41. Mr. M.N.V. Ramesh, ME, Member-Research Council, NMREC
42. Mr. Hemanth Kumar Shastry, MBA, Member-Research Council, NMREC
43. Ms. C.M. Sheela Rani, MCA, Member-Research Council, NMREC
44. Mr. S. Anoop Kumar, ME, Member-Research Council, NMREC
45. Mr. T.V.S.M.R Bhushan, ME, Member-Research Council, NMREC
46. Mr. S. Vasu Krishna, ECE, Member-Research Council, NMREC


1. Principal extended a warm welcome to all the visiting dignitaries, all the HOD’s other faculty and the members of the Research Council. In his welcome address, he referred to the good practices of the college and also appreciated the efforts made by the Research Centre established in the college under the leadership of Dr. C.M. Vara Prasad as the Director of the Centre.

2. Dr. C. M. Vara Prasad, Director, Research Centre explained about the aims and purpose of the Meet.
In his address, he narrated that the Research Centre, a brain child of the Secretary, Mr. Nalla Malla Reddy, is established in the college on 1st August, 2010 with sole purpose of bringing in the Research environment on the campus stressing the need of Industrial Collaboration in achieving sponsored projects. He also expressed the general view that a poor percentage of outgoing graduates are found to be employable by the industries in public and private sectors. He requested the visiting dignitaries to advise the Institute on the academic gaps, if any, to make the outgoing graduates Industry - ready and employable with confidence.
He sought assistance from the Industry on suggesting Industry-Oriented Projects to be taken up by the final year students under the stipulations prescribed by the affiliating University. He also brought out the need of regular interactions between the faculty and the Industry to take up meaningful research projects in collaboration with the Industry for mutual benefits.

3. The following HOD’s made Power Point Presentations on the strengths and expertise available in the respective Depts. including the research activities undertaken by a few of the faculty members. They sought the assistance of the Industries to strengthen further the efforts of the Depts. in developing Industry Oriented Research Projects.

( i) Prof. P.V.S. Siva Prasad, HOD, CSE
( ii ) Prof. Ramchandra, HOD. ECE
( iii ) Prof. K. Raghuram, HOD, EEE
(iv ) Prof. K. C. Arun, HOD, IT
( v ) Dr. T. Mohandas, HOD, ME
( vi ) Mr. A. Rajasekhar, HOD, MBA
(vii ) Prof. G.V. Anjaneyulu, HOD, MCA

Prof. Sada Siva Sarma, a senior professor of ECE Dept. also addressed the Meet bringing out the importance of Industry-Institute-Interaction.

Dr. Divya Nalla, Vive-Principal narrated on the good practices being adopted in the Institute with special emphasis on the discipline, teaching-learning practices, technical activities, personality development programme and the faculty development programs.

1. After a brief tea-break, the visiting dignitaries are invited to express their view points. The following visiting professionals narrated their view points. All the visiting personalities expressed their appreciation for the novel beginning made by the Research Centre of the Institute and volunteered to lend their helping hand whenever required.

1. Dr. K. Babu Rao, Director, Navayuga Infotech
2. Mr. P.B.V.V. Kumar, Staff Application Engineer, Synopsis
3. Mr. Ch. V.S. Ramachandra, Chief General Manager, AP Genco
4. Mr. Abdul Rahman, Vice- , Netmatric Solutions
5. Mr. L.V.M. Satish, Manager (training), Kalva Engineering Pvt.Ltd.
6. Mr. Kishore Gummaraju, Sr. Consultant (SAP), Cap Gemini
7. Mr. S. Nageswara Rao, Retd. Regional Manager, Indian Bank
8. Dr. T. Raghu, Scientist, DMRL
9. Dr. V. Gopala Krishna, Scientist, DMRL
10. Mr. A. Anand Rao. Scientist, DMRL
11. Mr. V.S. Ramana Rao, Business Development Manager, HCL
12. Mr. Ch. Vallabh, T.H., HCL
13. Mr. G.S. Suresh, CEO, Adroit Financial Services
14. Mr. P. Rahul, Director, Efficient Carbon

2. After lunch, the visiting dignitaries visited the respective Depts. and labs for closer interactions with the concerned HOD’s and the faculty members of the respective Depts.
3. All the visiting professionals and other members have reassembled in CFDM Hall for the closing session.

Dr. C.M. Vara Prasad, Director, Research Centre has summed up the deliberations of the day.

He expressed that it is gratifying to note that there is overwhelming response from the Industry for the invitation as more than 25 professionals representing 20 organisations have taken part in the Meet.

In summing up the proceedings, he brought out the following view points expresses by the visitors.

• It is generally felt that there is a kind of miss-match between the needs of the Industries and the academics of the Institute as the Industry’s projects are time-bound, Result-Oriented with short-time frames where as the Institutes are constrained to follow the time frame/schedules prescribed by the affiliating Universities.
The Industry-Institute-Interaction Meets such as the one organised are important and the efforts of the Institute are appreciable in taking the lead and it should be continued to achieve tangible results by the collaborative efforts of faculty and Industry in exchanging their views at regular intervals.

• The Institutes are advised to inculcate positive thinking in students to boost up the confidence levels and they should be given sound concepts in basics, made to apply the concepts, system level approach to be adopted in learning process and the students are to be trained to have adoptability to working conditions of the Industry.

• It was suggested that a website may be created for the Research Centre of the college.

• A few organisations offered projects to be taken up in the fields of

- Wireless technology
- Non-destructive testing techniques
- Harnessing solar energy
- Introduction of renewable energy oriented electives with onetime funding available from MNES
- Creation of Wi-fi system on the campus
- Solar street lighting on the campus
- AP Genco gave the details of various training programs offered to graduate Engineers at their Training Centre on payment basis

Personality Development programmes may be introduced to build up

- Skills
- Right attitude
- Accountability
- Integrity
- Commitment
- To analyse as what they know and to know what they do not know
- Improve communication skills
- Improve common sense and world-wide wisdom

7. The meeting ended with vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Divya Nalla, Vice-Principal.

Dr. Divya Nalla                                                           Dr. C.M. Vara Prasad
Vice-Principal Director                                                Research Centre