” Being representative from industry, the maximum possible co-operation, association shall be extended in Industrial training, Internship, mini project etc.,If any candidate shall be need, we will give first priority to your institute students.”

T V Krishna
M/s Sai Deepa Rock Drills Pvt Ltd,
Group of Industries, Cherlapally.

” 1. Focus on buildings basics.
2. Environment is peaceful for students to focus.
3. Experimentation on some problems by building conceptual working models.
4. Good spirit.”

Automation Pvt.Ltd

” Very much impressed with the activities of the college. I visited the college for the inauguration of Entrepreneurship Development cell three years back. Lot of changes I would see in the college. I suggest to start incubation Centre. I wish the college management best of luck in future endeavors.”


” Thanks to Dr.Subba Rao sir, and the entire management of NMREC for such a cordial experience. Highly captivating energy, interest and knowledge of students. Right direction and fostering these skills can definitely place these young aspirants at an esteemed level. Congratulations once again.”


“Thanks to Principal & Siva Prasad garu, we are very much delighted with your cooperation and delightful with student's projects. We expect the same cooperation and supports in our projects.”


” Nice to see industry collaboration and affords to build better exposes to students. Nice and eco-friendly campus, thanks management & CSE head of department. Keep up the good work and All the Best.”

CEO, VIWEON Technologies.

” It is a great pleasure in visiting this college. Good learned and talented faculty, very good infrastructure and with latest modern equipment's. Enjoyed the courtious reception. We will be happy to associate with your organization for up skilling your students in latest techniques to meet the industries requirements of short term skill up gradation try Inplant, Intensive, Mini & Major projects etc.”

Dy General manager (Tech)

“At the outset, I appreciate your college management to encourage the students to create/get developed different different products as a proof of concepts, but really this proof of concept need to be further modified/optimized based on practical applications. My suggestion to all young engineer & also faculty members is to consider practical problems which are available / faced in the industries & society and consider them as a project & develop a prototype by losing different technologies like CAD/CAM/CAE for making a physical prototype with which they can get complete information right from virtual prototype to manufacturing information based on that they can directly go for physical prototype. By these technologies complete problem can be assessed in all the directions to set complete solution. I advise all the students to enhance their skills in above said technologies so that their work will be earliest to solve any type of problem & bring into reality. I am very much thankful to the college management for inviting me & giving me this opportunity Thank you all.”

Sr.Engineer, MSHE Tool Room(CITD)

” College progressing on sound lines inspiring students, bringing Institute & Industry together.”

Former Director General, CPRI,
Director Ramky Group.

” I personally thank the management of NMREC for invites me to interact with the students and to see their projects, which I found to be very creative and had lot of scope in real use cases. I wish students a bright career.”


” Excellent facilities in the college, students Demonotralied the experiments excellently & Appealing. We have gone through all the 26 experiments & excellent explanation by the students. We wish them all the best.”

Director, CIPET, charlapally

” Surprisingly this institute committed to overall skill development of students. Great projects works, Great efforts from faculty. Wish all the students and faculty all the best.”

KDS Enterprizes,

“Thank you for inviting me. I see lot of enthusiasm, creative thinking and positive energy in NMREC students as well as faculty. It is good idea to have regular industry meets to help students reach their professional goals. The exhibits showcased by CSE students are impressive.”

Delivery Manager, INFOSYS.

“Very good environment & excellent faculty. I am surprised to see such a huge college in this city. I am very happy to interact with principal madam Dr.Divya Nalla, she is a very friendly and encouraging for the development of the students. I wish the organization a great success and students a bright future. Best wishes and God bless you all, Thanks for the opportunity given.”


“Heartly congratulations for the success in developing skills & Creativity approach in students. I appreciate institutional curriculum activities and infra facilities provided by management and faculty members approach and explaining point on subject is excellence. Though my visit is second time. I felt happy to meet many highly talented persons. It is my pleasure To wish all success for the development programs which are being conducted in your college facilitating bright future in communication skills, creativeness dedication which yields national integrity Thanks to all.”


” I have visited the college for the first time The campus is very large and maintained very well. Lab facilities are aslo very good. Students of the collage are very humble & simple. I wish my greetings to the management and principal madam to see the college in great heights. With my best wishes.”


” Experience Innovation
Experience Creativity
Experience Knowledge
This was part of project Expo@NMREC
All the best”


” Replicating the 5 senses through computers is the way forward.”


“I felt happy seeing very innovative projects. I must thank the management for encouraging such projects and support them. Best wishes.”

Director, Vidcentum R&D,
Past chair, IEEE HYD Section.

” This kind of initiatives are always very encouraging for students & professionals for understanding both sides for a better future.”


” Nice infrastructure provided for the upcoming professionals. I see a lot of signs of encouraging staff as well as students. It’s showing results. I particularly find four assessment of staff and inspiring with new skills & training a little more interesting.All the best kudos to your faculty and management.”


” NMR has really good & very strong infrastructure & strong departments. As I feel management is maintaining high level of discipline which in campus among students and faculty. Management is taking good initiation by conducting IIRM kind of in house program overall it is impressive visiting your campus and delivering one thoughts. “We really wish to your campus again”.”

Head-HR & operators, Peace IT solutions.

” Had a very good experience meeting the students of Mechanical Engineering. The gathering was made dynamic, with the active participation of the faculty and the students. We wish all the students, faculty and the college all the very best in their endeavors.”


” Visit to the college and meeting the final year students is a good experience. The projects portrayed by students are good. The students were seen confident while presently their work in a professional manner.Committed faculty, passionate students, good infrastructure and visionary management make a college / Institute great.And Nalla Malla Reddy has all above ingredients.”

Professor, Dept of MECH, ENGG,

” I am extremely delighted to have attended and addressed the students of this esteemed institution NMREC. I further am more happy to know that they have taken an initiative to educate the students about the Basics of languages which off late are fading away. It definitely a NOBLE service.”


” I am impressed and thrilled to see such innovation / creative team trying be part of great social change. My heart ful thanks to the management for invite me for lecture and would be keen to be part of Alphabet learning program.The first college to visit where phase are not allowed. I am thrilled and my best wishes.”


” I appreciate the interest taken by the college administration to promote interaction with Industry to provide quality education to the students.”

Dr. M. Rama Moorthy
Former Director General, CPRI,
Ministry of Power, Govt. of INDIA.

” Students are carrying out projects in all latest technologies, which are useful for implementing in prototype developments. All these things exhibit the standards of your college.”

Dr. V. Venkateswara Rao
Outstanding Scientist, CAS
Project Director, Agni 3, Govt. of INDIA.

” I feel happy that Institute efforts in Nation building by supplying competent engineers and I also appreciate professors and management for their good efforts.”

Mr. CH.Hanumanth Rao
Retired Joint Director, CIRT

” Happy to have had the opportunity to visit an institution that by policy is promoting progressive ideas.I was impressed by the students when showed great enthusiasm in learning.”

Mr. Babu Gogineni,
Humanist and Rationalist.

” The college has good infrastructure and the students are well-disciplined. The ambience of the college is also very good.”

Dr. P. S. Avadhani
Andhra University College of Engineering.

” The college atmosphere is very good and is maintained well. The students and staff are well disciplined. The labs are well equipped weith equipments required for conducting experiments.Overall it is a good college.”

Mr. KV Suresh Babu

” I am glad to be part of IIRM of the college. I appreciate the efforts of students in the Research Projects and the guidance being extended by the faculty and management.”

Mr. Narayana Rao
Vice-President, Nagarjuna Constructions.

” Institutional efforts done by NMREC is well laudable and appreciative. It can give Impetus to other institutions to follow this example.”

Mr. G.Kumara Swami Rao
Former Director & Scientist
DLRL, DRDO, Ministry of Defense.

” I was impressed by all the work of all the students and especially by their strong interest and motivation ”

Adrian Selles,
Indo-French Centre for Groundwater Research
National Geophysical Research Institute(NGRI),

” I am impressed by ambience and discipline at the college.Enjoyed delivery a lecture to a disciplined group of civil engineering students and enjoyed the interaction with both students and faculty. A College with promising future – I wish best of luck to all the stake holders ”

Prof. Ravande Kishore
Former Professor, O.U.

“The institution is shaping well and pro active management, faculty and students. I wish the Institution all the best”

Prof. D. N. Reddy
Former Vice-chancellor, JNTUH

“The institution is shaping well and proactive management, faculty and students. I wish the Institution all the best”

Prof. D. N. Reddy
Former Vice-chancellor, JNTUH

  • “Very much impressed by the vast campus and facilities. Interaction with the Principal and teachers was great.”

    Prof.Alladi Prabhakar, Former Professor, OU

  • “I feel very happy that institutes efforts in “Nation Building” by supplying competent engineers are laudable.Very good work is being done by professors and management. I wish all the best and grand success to NMREC.

    Ch.Hanumantha Rao, Retd.Joint Director(CIRT)

  • “Institutional effort done by NMREC is well laudable & appreciative.It can give impetus to other institutions to follow it”.

    G.Kumara Swamy Rao
    Former Director & Outstanding scientist
    DLRL,DRDO,Ministry Of Defence.

  • “I am glad to visit your noble institute. Beautiful buildings & easthetically pleasing campus”

    Prof. P. V. L Prasad

  • “Very happy to spend afternoons with young faculty for Micro-teaching evaluation”

    Prof. P. S. N. Reddy

    “Interesting mix of teachers”

    Prof. T. Vijay Kumar
    Dept. of English, OU

    “Very much impressed by the learning infrastructure of the Institution.”

    Prof. A. K. Saxena
    National Police Academy, Hyd.

    “Excellent infra structure, motivated teachers and efficiently run institution. I am sure it will make great stride in engineering education”

    Prof. Udaya Sree, OU

    “Good interactive faculty. Enthusiastic & Motivated. I appreciate the zeal and enthusiasm the Management is showing to contribute to faculty development good encouragement. All the best for a further development ”

    G. Padmaja, Psychology Consultant

    “Beautiful atmosphere, Spacious campus, intelligent lecturers, helpful staff. Altogether an amazing experience. It was worth the visit”

    Eunice Thomas,

    Engineering Staff college of India.

    “Encouraging and hardworking staff. Need to have more sessions on space science”

    Sri Raghunandan Kumar,

    Planetary Society of India

    “I enjoyed my interaction with the faculty & wish them a bright future”

    Prof. V. M. Pandharipande
    Retd Prof, Dept. of ECE, OU

    “Excellent idea! keep up the workshops! Specially for free. Good ambience too”

    Prof. S. Sameen Fatima
    Dept. of CSE, College of Engg. OU

    “FDP is an important contribution to teachers. Best wishes”

    Dr.S. Durga Bhavani
    Dept. of Computer Science,

    University of Hyderabad

    “The workshop is organized in a well planned way. Excellent audience. The college Infrastructure & ambience, is conducive for good learning”

    Prof. Khaleel ur Rahman Khan
    Dept. of CSE, ACE Engg. College

    “The CFDM is one of the motivating idea towards learning new concepts”

    Dr. Bhatracharyulu
    Dept. of Statistics, OU

    “Excellent idea of conducting the FDP. All the best for new workshops”

    Dr. Y. Ramadevi
    Professor, Dept. of CSE, CBIT

    “Very good involvement of staff in the programs”

    Dr. Padmanabham
    Director, BIET, Hyd

    “Very good ambience, courteous staff and interested students”

    Dr. SVL Narasimham
    Professor, School of IT, JNTUH

    “Very good infrastructure & good maintenance giving healthy academic environment”

    C. Raghavendra Rao
    Professor, University of Hyderabad

    “Spacious labs and rooms, good environment for teaching & learning”

    Prof. K. Lal Kishore
    Former Registrar & Prof. ECE, JNTUH

    “Good Service to students”

    G. Vijaya Kumari
    Professor, Dept. of CSE, JNTUH

    “Very good ambience”

    Dr. B. Vishnu Vardhan
    Professor, Dept of CSE, JNTUH

    “Receptive students and helping faculty”

    Debashish Chatterji
    CEO, Netxcell

    “Took a session with the faculty and had an amazing time with them”

    Urjita Deshpande,
    Professional Counsellor

    “Excellent infrastructure very much impressed with management attitude to promote entrepreneurship among students. I wish the college best of luck in future endeavors”

    Dr. C. Rani

    “Fabulous ambience motivated faculty disciplined students. I wish the Best”

    Prof.CVS Sastry

    “Excellent infrastructure committed management ”

    Dr. A. Ramakrishna Prasad

    Director, UIIC, JNTUH

    “I am very happy to note the discipline, commitment and eagerness to learn. These are the qualities needed to make a difference. Best wishes to Dr. Divya Nalla and her excellent team”

    Prof. V. Viswanadham
    Retd Prof, OU

    “A very good ambience for learning. Good effort part by the principal and management for imparting professional skills. All the best for its bright future”

    Prof. V. Rama Rao
    ISTE State Chapter