Language Improvement and Mentoring

Improvement of communication skill is the need of an hour. Our aim is to train the students and motivate them in becoming proficient in language which requires investment of time. Generally, Engineering students will be good at all the technicalities however at the time of placements their communication skills may lack somewhere. Students are getting academic success but are not able to tackle situations where communication skills are of sheer importance. One can achieve great heights if mastered in such skills rather simply becoming a degree holder.

Our Institution imparts genuine efforts for the improvement of these lifesaving skills. Improving and learning language is a continuous process. So, we have built a specific plan to implement this in our institute. Students opt for personality development classes and spends thousands of rupees where they will not learn the required skills. As this is a time taking process, we have implemented this right from fist year to final year.

A special class is conducted daily for language improvement and mentoring (LIM) for every student of the college from the first year to the final year.

The class is used to improve language skills of the students as well as for mentoring them. In this hour students are assigned various activities where they are given tasks that would make them fluent in these skills. Some of the tasks include the following in addition to practicing grammar and improving writing skills.

  1. Group Discussions
  2. Debate
  3. Role Play
  4. Speed Reading and Explain Meaning
  5. E-mail writing
  6. Essay Writing
  7. Extempore
  8. Jam sessions
  9. Speaking on latest topics
  10. Group Activities- Vocabulary Building
  11. Encouraging conversations and listening skills
  12. Summarizing the given article.
  13. Picture analysis.

These activities and events are conducted under the guidance of well trained faculty. They will make sure that students are not copying from other sources. Emphasis is given more on articulating their own construction and self-work. When students try to perform every activity by themselves, a great level of confidence gets built in them. These days everyone is dependent on internet even for simple tasks. Students are grown-up with spoon feeding culture right from schools till college. Students seldom use their brains and unfortunately have stopped creative thinking and decision making. Hence, we preferred this LIM class as the best solution for overcoming above mentioned problems.

One of the most important aspects of teaching which is given utmost importance in our institute is mentoring. The mentors interact with the students and guide them in all the aspects including academic and personal issues as well.