Message From Director

The Current scenario of the increasing number of non-employable graduates needs to be curbed and the foundations have to be laid for a stronger nation by creating professionals with a good quality. This is the need of the hour.

Basic Education consists of reading, comprehending, writing, and speaking. Professional education specializes a person in a subject, with the skills required for becoming a professional. A thorough professional with good subject knowledge and skills is what each student of ours would be with the efforts being put in by the college.

At NMREC, we believe in giving a complete education by concentrating on all these aspects of professional building. We have been continuously in the thought process of improving the quality of students by implementing various activities like language development, insisting on student discipline, and enthusing the students by encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities like sports apart from their academics.

The college has been in the process of continuously training all the faculty to maintain high standards of classroom delivery. Efforts are also in place for improving the student skills by offering some skill oriented courses for the students.

Final year projects must be given utmost importance as they give an opportunity for the students to gain practical experience while applying the subject they have learnt throughout the course. This experience shall definitely be helpful in whichever field they opt for. The students are advised to take up problems and try to find innovative solutions for them through their projects. The college shall always encourage creativity and enthusiasm. Research centers are being started in all the departments to help in this direction.

We at NMREC believe that honesty, hard work, and discipline together form the ladder for success and try to inculcate these habits in our students.

Dr. Divya Nalla

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