Social Responsibility Club

Social Responsibility Club

The Social Responsibility Club has been started in the college in the year 2017-18. This club gets together like minded students who are interested in working for the society. The Social Responsibility Club sometimes teams up with the NSS wing of the college in some activities.

The main objectives of SR CLUB are:-

  • To create an environment where in students will embrace responsibilities to serve the community & society.
  • The endeavour of the committee is to sensitise future best engineers, technocrats and scientists towards privileged and challenged class.
  • It brings about momentous changes in society through interactions at the grass root level with regards to different segments such as education, health care and ecological care, .etc.
  • It shares the social responsibility and further invites everyone to participate actively. It works hard to empower underprivileged add strength to the society.

The various activities conducted by NMREC Social responsibility Club include discussions and. campaigns proposing solutions for the following issues.

-  Save energy & Save water

-  Child education & child labour

-  Orphanage & old age homes

-  Ecological issues such as minimise plastic usage, Sapling plantation

-  To create awareness such as Road safety- usage of helmet and seat belt while driving.

Faculty Advisors:

C. Balaram

A. David

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