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Mechanical engineering encompasses design of machine members, designing mechanical systems to take mechanical advantage in reducing manual effort, application of heat and mass transfer, fluid dynamics, metal fabrication, metal forming, designing of materials, mechanical behaviour of materials, renewable energy, etc. The final year students of mechanical engineering take up projects as a part of curriculum requirement that are designed to gain practical knowledge by the application of theory that the students have learnt during their four year course of engineering. Research in the department can be grouped into three major groups namely Materials and manufacturing, Engineering Design, and Thermal Engineering.

Research Plans

The Department formed research groups based on the academic interest and specialisation of the faculty with a senior faculty as Coordinator.
The functions of the research groups are:
 Motivate the enthusiastic faculty to involve themselves in research in collaboration with other organisations.
 Encourages the faculty to utilize the research facilities available in the college
 Encourage the faculty to undertake major and minor research projects.

Ongoing Research

 Design and Analysis of composite materials, Metal Matrix Composite (MMCs) Functionally graded Materials, Mechanics of Materials, Structural design of blades and rotating structures.
 Thermal management in electronic components
 Characterization of thermal and Mechanical Properties of Carbon nano tubes (CNT) composites, Carbon and alloy steels,
 Design and analysis of Multi fictional elevator, Scissor lifts, gate open mechanisms, Joint clearance and hand link flexibility of serial manipulators, singularity analysis of parallel and flexible manipulators.
 Prototype development of complex systems like Hoverbike etc..
 Design and fabrication of sheet bending, corner notching machine and shear machine, black box for submarine and aircraft applications.
 Special metal joining processes involving the thermo-mechanical treatment and the welding process of dissimilar metals.
 Performance analysis of VCR (SI) with blended fuels.


Thermal Enginnering

1. Dr. T.V.S.M.R.Bhushan
2. Dr.Nirupama Patra
3. Mr.P.Mohammad Muneer
4. Mr.A.Srinivasa Rao
5. Dr. Magbool Hussain
AREA OF RESEARCH : Internal Combustion Engines, Alternate Fuels, Computer Simulation and Design of Thermal Systems, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems, Renewable Energy Sources, Heat Transfer, High temperature natural convection, Heat Exchangers, Fluid Mechanics & Machines, Turbulence Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Turbo machines, etc.

Mechanical Design

1. Dr.M.N.V.Ramesh
2. Dr.S.VenkatPrasat
3. Dr.Sujan Rao
4. Mr.P.Ramanath Reddy
5. Mr.DavidAluri
6. Mr.C.Balaram
7. Mr.Ahmad Khalil
8. Mr.M.Mohan
AREA OF RESEARCH: Research covers all aspects of dynamics and vibration, nonlinear dynamics, rotor dynamics, continuum and Solid mechanics, robotics, CAD, machine dynamics, smart structures, composite materials, non-destructive testing, finite element method, acoustics and noise control, mechanics of fracture, functionally graded composites, etc.

Production Engineering

1. Dr.A.ChandraSekhar
2. Dr.Asit Kumar Parida
3. Mr.Bhanoji Rao
4. Mr.P.Ramesh Babu
5. Mr.Ranga Rao Manam
6. Mr.N.Sesha Srinivas
7. Mr.S.Babu
8. Ms. S.Sushma
9. Mr.Rakesh Kumar
10. G Sravan Kumar
AREA OF RESEARCH : Preparation and analysis of copper Boride composites, Nano-engineering of Materials, Metal Cutting, Metal Forming, Welding, Metal Casting, Material Characterization. Ceramics and Metal Matrix Composites, Processing of Composites, Injection Molding, Finite Element Applications in Manufacturing, CAD/CAM, Rapid Prototyping, Nano composites, etc.

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