Message From the Secretary

Nalla Malla Reddy, Secretary, Nalla Malla Reddy Education Society

Dear Viewers

Namaste !

You are aware that life is an accident and death is imminent and human being is fully immersed in survival games and forgets the above facts in the optimistic mire.

This activity of the brainy human with thought and experiments, with its power of memory, immemorial of acts & deeds and their results, getting them time tested, is travelling towards new horizons leading to become an immortal, decoding the secrets of life, advancing the civilization in leaps and bounds, creating the best of provisions and facilities to the entire world, zooming towards unravelling the secrets of the cosmos.

It is all a never ending education and serving the cause of education is the noblest of all deeds.

With a purpose of life in mind, my family has chosen education as a tool to give back something to the society.

In these days of eroding standards, we have taken up technical education by establishing Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College in the best of environs with a magnificent structure and created the best of infrastructure for a delightful learning making it a ‘Complete Institution’, moulding the students into the best, versatile, honest engineers and scientists with ‘Complete Education’, imparting education as it has to be.

With the best wishes,
– Nalla Malla Reddy

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