Research Areas & Publications

The college aims to foster a culture of innovation by encouraging faculty and students to involve in research activities. The faculty and students of the college have published numerous research papers and published patents in various research areas.

Research in Engineering Education

Apart from the Technical Research in various branches, the faculty of the college are also involved in Research in Engineering Education which involves research in pedagogies, innovations in teaching-learning processes, and practice of research ideas in teaching.


S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Dr. Satyabrata Sahoo, Dr.Bhaskar Patnaik“RevolutionizingControl System Engineering Education with Active Learning Strategies”, IEEE INDICON 2023
2Dr. Satyabrata SahooControl System Engineering through MATLAB – A case study on project based learning” IEEE Delhi Section Flagship Conference (DELCON – 2023)
3Dr.Bhaskar PatnaikProject-based learning: Design of data acquisition module for greenhouse system. International Journal of Electrical Engineering & Education, 60(2), pp.168-187. (2023)
4Dr.Satyabrata Sahoo“A case study of an effective approach to utilize the active learning for virtual basic electrical engineering laboratory in COVID19”, 19th India Council International Conference (INDICON-2022)
5Dr.Divya NallaDriving Teaching and Learning in Online Mode: A Case Study, Frontier in Education in Conference, FIE (2021)
6Dr. Muntha RajuAn evaluation of E-learning and user satisfaction, International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies (2021)
7Dr. Divya NallaA Framework for Teaching Evaluation, presented at the 48th Annual Frontiers in Education Conference – FIE 2016, held from 3-6th October 2018, at San Jose, CA, USA.
8Dr.Divya Nalla, Vishal Akula, P.Praveen Kumar, M.SurendranathGuidelines for Improving Industry-Institute Research, presented at the Fifth International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education, Conducted by IUCEE, January 2018, and Published in Special Issue on ICTIEE-2018 of Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, Volume 31, No. 3, January 2018.
9Dr.Divya Nalla, B.K. Madhavi, V.MohanImproving Attainment of Graduate Attributes using Google Classroom, Presented at the Fifth International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education, Conducted by IUCEE, January 2018, and Published in Special Issue on ICTIEE-2018 of Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, Volume 31, No. 3, January 2018. (cited by 13)
10Dr.Divya Nalla, Dr.Sneha NallaResearch Culture in Engineering Faculty: Its effect on attainment of graduate attributes, presented in 46th IEEE sponsored Annual Frontiers in Education – FIE 2016 Conference, held from 12-15th October 2016, at Erie, PA, USA. (Cited)
11Dr.Divya Nalla, Laxmi DevambatlaAn Approach to Improve Employability Skills: eBridge, Divya Nalla, Laxmi Devambatla, October 2014- January 2015, Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, Vol.No.28, No. 2 & 3, ISSN 2349-2473 (Cited)
12Dr.Divya Nalla, Dr.Uma GarimellaAn Integrated Technical Communication Program, Poster Presented at ICTIEE 2015, 2nd International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education, organized in collaboration with IUCEE in January 2015.
13Dr.Divya Nalla, Dr.Uma GarimellaMoving towards Outcome-based Education-Faculty Development Initiatives in the Proceedings of IEEE sponsored conference Frontiers in Education – FIE 2014, 22-25th October 2014, held at Madrid, Spain (Cited by 4)
14Dr.Divya Nalla, Dr.Uma Garimella, Naresh Kumar MEnabling Higher order thinking and Technical Communication – An Indian Context for OBE, in the Proceedings of IEEE sponsored conference Frontiers in Education – FIE 2014, 22-25th October 2014, held at Madrid, Spain (Cited by 3)
15Dr.Divya Nalla, Dr.Uma GarimellaOutcome Based Education, Proceedings of the Two Day National Seminar on “QAA of HEI- Criteria, Techniques and Issues” held on 21st and 22nd March 2014, organized by School of Education, Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India
16Dr.Divya Nalla, Dr.Uma GarimellaA sustainable approach to attaining graduate attributes in an affiliated institute, Presented at NBA WOSA 2014, 2nd World Summit on Accreditation
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering pilots research in Image and Signal Processing, Communications, VLSI, Embedded Systems and IOT.

S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Dr.Rehman B.K., Isaac, R Munaf, K.A, Mohammad, S., Basha, MFPGA Implementation of Area- Efficient Binary Counter Using Xilinx IP Cores. In: Singh, V.P., Li, Z., Siddiqui, N.A., Patel, H. (eds) Sustainable Infrastructure Development. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol 199. Springer, Singapore. (2022)
2Kumar, G. P. , Prabhakar. J, Raju NFrequency Multiplier with Delay Locked Loop -Based Clock  Generator  for  System  on  Chip Applications. Advanced  Aspects  of  Engineering  Research  Vol.  4, 123–131. (2021)
3Dr.Rehman.B.K., Vallathan.G., Rajamani.V., Mohammad.SXilinx FPGA and Xilinx IP Cores: A Boon to Curb Digital Crime. Digital Forensics and Internet of Things: Impact and Challenges, pp.131-162. (2022)
4Remya.R, Murugan.S, Geetha. K.P.Brain tumor findings in patient with a novel cascaded function. Signal, Image and Video Processing, pp.1-8 (2022)
5Remya.R, Parimala Geetha.KA Novel Thresholding Approach to Find Out the Brain Tumor Region from MR Images. IETE Journal of Research, pp.1-9. (2021)
6Dr.Rehman, Kalyan K., Senthil K.M., Rajani DLow cost IOT based child safety monitoring ROBOT with user friendly mobile app Select Proceedings of CISCON 2021 (Vol. 750). Springer Nature. (2021)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

  1. Publications on Cryptography, Information Security
S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Dr.Padma Lochan PradhanProposed Butterfly ACM Optimized the Risk on Real time OS, IGI Global. (2022)
2Dr.Padma Lochan PradhanProposed Abelian ACM for Risk Assessment, IJSPPC, IGI-GLOBAL (2022)
3Dr.Padma Lochan PradhanProposed L-Shape Pattern on UFS ACM For Risk Analysis, JDFSL (2022)
4Dr.Padma Lochan PradhanI m p a c t  o f Cryptographic Key on Scalable Computing. IJSPPC, IGI-GLOBAL. (2022)
5Dr.X. S. Asha ShinyEnergy Theft Monitoring using Smart WiFi Circuit Breaker, International Journal of MC Square Scientific Research (2021)
6Dr.X. S. Asha ShinyVehicular Formed Network Coding Conscious Connectivity for Sensor Networks, Journal of Physics: Conference Series. IOP Publishing (2021)
7Dr.Divya Nalla, Yingjiu Li, Xinwen ZhangAn Attribute-based Access Matrix Model, 20th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), Track on Computer Security,  Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, March 13-17, 2005. (Cited by 94)
8Dr.Divya Nalla, K.C.ReddyIdentity based signcryption, presented in National Workshop in Cryptology, Oct 3-5, 2002, ISI, Delhi, India, Cryptology ePrint archive, available at  (Cited by 75)
9Dr.Divya Nalla, Mr.K.C.ReddyID-based tripartite Authenticated Key Agreement Protocols from pairings. Cryptology ePrint archive, Report 2003/004, available at  (Cited by 62)
10Dr.Divya NallaID-based tripartite key agreement with signatures, Cryptology ePrint archive, Report 2003/144, available at  (Cited by 51)
11Dr.Divya Nalla, A. Saxena, and V.P. GulatiOn determination of efficient key pair for RSA algorithm, Journal of The Institution of Engineers(India) – Computer Engineering, Vol 84, May 2003.
12Dr.Divya Nalla, Mr.K.C.ReddyIdentity based authenticated Group Key Agreement protocol, Indocrypt (International Conference in Cryptology in India) 2002, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2551, Springer-Verlag, 2002. (Cited by 75)

2. Publications on Network Security

S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Dr.B.K.MadhaviEthereum Based Decentralized Application for Crowd Funding of Charity Projects,  Parishodh Journal, 2347-6648, Volume IX, Issue III, March, 2020
2Dr.X.S.Asha ShinyDetection of Hazardous Gas using Wearable Wireless Sensor Networks for Industrial Applications, 4 July 2020 
3Dr.B.K.Madhavi, Dr.Vila M Ghodki, V.MohanAn Enhanced Genetic Algorithm based Intrusion Detection System for Detection of Denial-of-Service Attacks” International Journal of Computer Science Trends and Technology(IJCST) , Vol 4, Issue 5, Oct-16.
4Dr.B.K.Madhavi,  K.C.ArunAutomation of Evaluation of RF Receiver Systems using GPIB (IEEE-488) Bus System, National Conference on Advances in Computing and Networking by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University – Hyderabad  -Pg.No.94-100, Dec 6th – 7th 2013.

3. Publications on Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET)

S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Dr.Sitendra TamrakarMinimizing End-To-End Delay to Enhance QOS in Next Generation MANET Based on ERAT, Turkish online journal of Qualitative Inquiry (TOJQI) – 2021
2Mr.P.V.S.Siva Prasad, Dr.S. Krishna Mohan RaoA Survey on Performance Analysis of MANETs Under Security Attacks International Journal of Advance Information Science and Technology (IJAIST), Jul-17
3Mr.P.V.S.Siva Prasad, Dr.S. Krishna Mohan RaoHIASA: Hybrid Improved Artificial Bee Colony and Simulated Annealing based Attack Detection Algorithm in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science (IJIEMS), May-17
4Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar“Reliability of Next Generation MANET Routing Through E-RAT”, in IEEE’s International Conference on Advances in Technology, Management & Education, 8th to 9th January 2021, at National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research (N.I.T.T.T.R.) Bhopal.
5Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar“Recent traffic allocation methods in MANET: A review,” in Confluence 2013: The Next Generation Information Technology Summit (4th International Conference), vol., no., pp.220-226, 26-27 Sept. 2013.
6Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar“VOIP and data storage in wireless GSM modem over MANET area,” in Emerging Trends in Computing, Communication and Nanotechnology (ICE-CCN), 2013 International Conference on , vol., no., pp.31-36, 25-26 March 2013.

4. Publications on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Mr.V. MohanA Comparative Study of Machine Learning and DNN Approaches for Detecting DDoS Attacks, Parishodh Journal, Volume IX, Issue III, March, 2020
2Dr. X. S. Asha ShinyLearning Algorithms Processing in Big Data Analytics Journal of Engineering Services 0377-9254 Vol11 Issue2 February, 2020
3Mrs. Vijetha RinguA Proposal to use GAN for speech recognition in Natural Language Processing, IJCR 2320-2882 Vol.8 Issue 6 Jun-2020
4Mr.V Rajasekhar ReddyA Decision Making system Analysis in Artificial Intelligence Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research  (JETIR), Dec-2018
5Mr.G.Venkateshwarlu, Mr.K Saikumar, Mr. A Vijay KumarA Prototype Analysis of Machine Learning Methodologies for sentiment analysis of Social Network International Journal of Engineering and Technology (IJET) 2018

5. Publications on Cloud Computing

S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar, Dr.B. K. Madhavi, and Mr.V.Mohan“Democratizing  Sentiment Analysis  of Twitter  Data Using Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery” Handbook of Intelligent Computing and Optimization for Sustainable Development (2022); 287-304
2Dr.N.Swapna SuhasiniCloud Finder: A System for Processing Big Data Workloads on Volunteered Federated Cloud, Webology (2021)
3Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar“Combined Security and Service Overloading Fusion Model for Cloud Environment”, International Journal of Science and Research, International Journal of Science and Research, Vol 6, Issue 8, Aug 2017, pp. 1109 – 1112. 
4Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar“An Efficient Methodology for Cloud Computing to Retrieve Data” published in International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering, Volume 4, Issue 11, November 2014, pp 383-387. 
5Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar“Modified Apriori algorithm for pre defined support and confidence in cloud computing environment for frequent pattern mining” published in International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, Vol. 2 Issue 5, May – 2013, pp 836-840.
6Dr.Md.YusufCloud computing, Orthogonal Grey Wolf Optimization algorithm for task scheduling in Cloud Environment”, International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing 2320-088X Vol.9 Issue 11 5th November 2020
7Dr. SasikalaCollaborator Continuance Trust Organization Conveninences for cloud customers, The International journal of analytical and experimental modal analysis, Volume XII, Issue VI, June, 2020
8Dr. D. Durga BhavaniImplementation and Analysis of Open Source Computing on Cloud-Based ERP Method, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Vol. 5, Issue 7, Jul-16

6. Publications on Big Data

S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Mr.Kalyan ChatterjeeAir  Pollution  Control: GRU-based Traffic Prediction Model with Big Data and Time Series Analysis, IEEE International Conference on Big Data (2022)
2Dr.Padma Lochan PradhanRole of Visualisation on Big Data for Bio-Medical Science, IUPUI, New Delhi (2022)
3Dr. A.Vijay Kumar, Dr. Mani Sharma VittapuThe Development of Big Data for security incident and event management systems International conference on Research Advancements in Computer Science and Communication (ICRACSC-2016) Dec-16

7. Publications on Data Mining

S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Dr.R.PraveenWater  Demand  in  Maize  is Projected to Decrease Under Changing Climate in India, Sustainability, MDPI (2021)
2Dr.R.PraveenIntensified  Chipping  During Nanoindentation and the Effect of Friction on the Interfacial Fracture for thin films used in N/NEMS, IOP Publishing (2021)
3Dr.S.PrabagarA Comprehensive Study on Social Network Mental Disorder Detection via Online Social Media Mining, International Journal of Management, Technology And Engineering, Volume IX Issue V May 2019
4Dr.Sitendra TamrakarEfficient Pattern Generation using Declat Algorithm Based on Association Rule Mining in Educational Data Mining, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), Volume-9 Issue-3 February, 2020
5Dr. X. S. Asha ShinyData Mining on Large Scale Unstructured Datasets, The International journal of analytical and experimental modal analysis, Vol XI, Issue IX February, 2020

7. Books and Patents

S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Dr.Madhavi B K“Programming in C”, Published by Das Ganu Prakashan, Nagpur, ISBN: 978-93-84336-21-9, 2022
2Dr. Sitendra  Tamrakar“Cloud  Computing Infrastructure For Enabling Future Technology”, United States, Nova Science Publishers, Incorporated, ISBN: 9781685076153, 2022
3Dr. Divya NallaResearch Bulletin – Annual Publication of NMREC, Edited by Dr. Divya Nalla, Published by Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College
4Dr. Sitendra  Tamrakar,  Ramesh  Vishwakarma,  and Sanjeev Kumar Gupta“Low Cost Big Data Analytics in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks”, CRC Press 203-216
Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering department is involved in research in Structural Engineering, Geo-Technical Engineering, Construction Engineering & Management


S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Dr.K.Suresh“Optimization of cement, rice husk ash, and waste plastic additives for stabilizing expansive subgrade soil: a Grey‑Taguchi analysis approach” in Journal of Building Pathology and Rehabilitation. Page No 1-10. 2023.
2Mr.A.Vishal“Resistance to Degradation in Cantabro Test on Low-cost Concrete Specimens” Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering (ICETE 2023), Atlantis Press, ISSN 2352-5401, ISBN 978-94-6463-252-1, 230-238.2023
3Mr.A.Vishal“Assessment of Micro-Strength Properties and Strength Enhancement of the Biomass Aggregate Concrete” in Advances in Construction Materials and Management. ACMM 2022. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, Vol 346. Springer, Singapore. 2023.
4Dr.G. Sree Lakshmi Devi“Micro structural and Cantabro loss studies on self-healing concrete with crushed stone sand, Bacillus subtilis bacteria and calcium lactate” in Innovative Infrastructure Solutions in Innovative Infrastructure Solutions” Springer,2023.
5Dr.G. Sree Lakshmi Devi“The discharge coefficient of SMBF flumes under free and submerged conditions”. Applied Water Science, 13(12), 236, 2023.
6Mr.N.Satyam, Ms.S.PriyadarsiniDevelopment of Liquefaction Susceptibility Maps for Vishakhapatnam (India). In: Sitharam, T.G., Kolathayar, S., Jakka, R.S., Matsagar, V. (eds) Theory and Practice in Earthquake Engineering and Technology. Springer Tracts in Civil Engineering. Springer, Singapore . (2023)
7Venkatesh, D., Gunti, U.S., Hussain, S.A.M., Biradar, S., Mounika. P. and Vignan, G.SA Review Paper on Porous Concrete as Multipurpose and Endurable Pavement.
8Dr.Ramesh Babu, T. S., Vishal. A. and Shruthi. L“An Experimental Investigation of Natural Admixture Effect on Durability Studies of High Silica Fly ash”, International Conference ICRAEM-2020 organized by Sumathi Reddy College of Engineering.
9Shruthi. L., Vishal. A., Dr.Ramesh Babu. T. S. and Srinivas. K“Experimental Investigation on Quaternary Blended Fiber Reinforced Concrete”, in International Conference SITCE-2021. 
10A.Vishal, Sastri, M. V. S. S., Mahender.P, & Rao K.J.Effect of Accelerated Curing on Strength of Quaternary Blended Cement Concrete with Recycled Aggregate. Key Engineering Materials, 882, 247–253. (2021)
11Dr.Raghava Rao E. V, and Satyanarayana Reddy. C. N. V.“Evaluation of Correlation equations of CBR of Soils” in international Conference ICRAEM-2020
12Dr.Raghava Rao. E. V, Das. R.“Modelling of Geosynthetic – Reinforced Unpaved Roads by Finite Element Method “Pin international Conference ICM STEP – 2021
13Dr.S M Abdul Mannan Hussian & Dr.Raghava Rao. E.V“Methodology for a planning and scheduling of a construction project using project management “International Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology (ICSET-2020). 
14Dr.S. M. Abdul Mannan Hussian & Dr.Raghava Rao. E. V“Implementation of Last Planner System in Indian Construction Sites: A Case Study” International Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology (ICSET-2020).

Books and Patents

S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Dr.K. SureshIndian Patent grants titled “Dynamic Analysis of Earthquake Resistant Structures” on 4th Jaunary 2023.
2Dr.G.Sree Lakshmi DeviIndian Patent grants titled “Tamping Rod” on 17th January 2024.
3Dr.G.Sree Lakshmi DeviPublished Indian Patent titled “Development of Fracture Behaviour of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques” on 22nd December 2023.
4Dr.G.Sree Lakshmi DeviPublished Indian Patent published “Development of Portland Limestone Cement with Nano Calcium Carbonate” on 22nd December 2023.
5Dr.G.Sree Lakshmi DeviPublished Indian Patent published “Development of eco-friendly concrete with waste marble sludge” on 12th  January 2024.
6Dr.G.Sree.Lakshmi.DeviAuthored Text Book Titled “QA & QC in Construction Industry” in 2023. ISBN: 978-93-95590-94-5.
7Dr.G.Sree Lakshmi DeviAuthored Text Book Titled “Surveying” in 2023.  ISBN: 978-93-5850-370-8.
8Dr.G.Sree Lakshmi DeviAuthored Text Book Titled “Building Materials & Technologies” in 2023.  ISBN:978-93-5850-742-3.
9Dr.G.Sree Lakshmi DeviAuthored Text Book Titled “Advanced Building Materials” in 2023.  ISBN:978-93-5850-428-6.
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Department of EEE is involved in research in the areas of Power System Protection, Power Quality, Computational Intelligence assisted Control, Protection and Management of Electrical Power Systems


S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Dr.Bhaskar PatnaikEnhanced Memetic Algorithm-Based Extreme Learning Machine Model for Smart Grid Stability Prediction. International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, 2022.
2Dr.Bhaskar PatnaikA Novel Intrusion Detection System Based on Random Oversampling and Deep Neural Network. Indian J. Comput. Sci. Eng, 13(6), pp.1924-1936 2022
3Dr.Bhaskar PatnaikPower Quality Disturbance Detection and Classification using Stockwell Transform and Pattern Recognition Techniques, 2022 IEEE Delhi Section Conference (DELCON), IEEE (2022)
4G Pandiyan, Dr. D Ravi, Sardar Ali“Intelligent Techniques to Assist the Lightning Safety Scheme and Its Presentation”, International Journal of Engineering Research and Industrial Applications, 13, pp.1-9, April, 2023
5Dr.Satyabrata Sahoo“Power Quality Control and Comparison of a Microgrid System using Fuzzy MPPT Technique”, 5th International Conference on Energy, Power and Environment; towards flexible green energy technologies (ICEPE 2023)
6Dr.Satyabrata Sahoo“Power Control of a Variable Speed DFIG based wind turbine using two fuzzy logic controllers”, International conference on intelligent controller and computing for smart power (ICICCSP-2022)
7Dr.Satyabrata Sahoo“Power control of a grid connected hybrid fuel cell, solar and wind energy conversion systems through fuzzy technique”, International joint conference on advances in computational intelligence (IJCACI-2022)
8Dr.Satyabrata Sahoo“Comparative analysis between fuzzy and PR controller in single phase H-Bridge inverters by power decoupling strategy”, 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Future Electric Transportation (SEFET-2022)
9Dr.Satyabrata SahooPower Control of a Variable Speed Wind Turbine Using RBF Neural Network Controller, Conference paper – Intelligent Systems, Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series, LNNS,volume 431, pp 513–521, May 04, 2022.
10Dr.Satyabrata SahooDesign and simulation of a GA optimized variable speed DFIG based wind turbine using MATLAB, Proceedings of International Conference on Intelligent Controller and Computing for Smart Power (ICICCSP) July 21-23, 2022, IEEE Xplore: Aug. 25, 2022.
11Dr.Satyabrata SahooOutput  Power  Tracking  and Oscillation Control of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator-Based Wind Energy Conversion System Using Adaptive  Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm,  Conference paper on Sustainable Energy and Technological Advancements, pp 321–337, Mar. 25, 2022.
12Dr.N LavanyaMaximum Power Transfer Capability and System Reliability by using Shunt Devices in Series Compensated  Long  Transmission  Line,  The International Journal of analytical and experimental nodal analysis, ISSN NO:0886-9367, Volume XIV, Issue I, Jan. 2022
13Dr.V  MaheshMitigation  of  Voltage  and  Frequency Fluctuations of Wind and Solar Power Systems, The International Journal of Reseach,   Volume XI, Issue I, Jan. 2022
14Dr.Satyabratha SahooPerformance Investigation of L- type Shunt Active Power Filter supported with Battery using UVT Control Method for distorted Loads, IEEE 3rd International Conference on Energy, Power and Environment: Towards Clean Energy Technologies, NIT Meghalaya; 05-07, March 2021.
15Dr.Satyabratha SahooControl and comparison of power for a variable speed wind turbine using fuzzy-PID controller,  Springer  International  Conference  on advanced  computational  and  Communication paradigms; 22-24, March 2021
16Dr. Bhaskar PatnaikManohar Mishra, and Ramesh C. Bansal  “Chapter  1:  Overview  and Architecture  of resilient energy systems”, in the book titled “Electric Power Systems Resiliency: Modelling, Opportunity and Challenges”, published by Academic Press, Elsevier
17Dr.Manohar Mishra, Dr.Bhaskar Patnaik, and Dr.Ramesh C. Bansal“Chapter 2: Resilient smart grid system: Issue and Challenges”, in the book titled “Electric Power Systems Resiliency: Modelling, Opportunity and Challenges”, published by Academic Press, Elsevier
18Dr.Fanidhar  Dewangan,  Monalisa  Biswal,  Dr.Bhaskar Patnaik, Shazia Hasan, and Manohar Mishra“Chapter 5: Smart grid stability prediction using genetic algorithm- based extreme learning machine” “Electric Power Systems Resiliency: Modelling, Opportunity and Challenges”, published by Academic Press, Elsevier
Department of Mechanical Engineering

The department is involved in the areas of research such as Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, and Energy Systems etc.


S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Dr.S.Ramesh Babu“Structural Performance of Low-  Calcium  Fly Ash  Geo-Polymer  Reinforced Concrete Beam”, Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, , pp. 1-12, 2022.
2Dr.S.Ramesh.Babu“Flexural Behaviour of Low Calcium  Fly Ash  Based  Geopolymer  Reinforced Concrete Beam”, International journal of concrete structures and materials, Springer, 2022
3Dr.S.Venkat Prasad“Static, modal and impact analysis of car bumper using varied parameters”, International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 111-119, 2021.
4Dr.Asit Kumar Parida“Study of machinability in heat assisted machining of nickel base alloy”, Measurement, Elsevier, Vol.170, pp. 108682, 2021.
Department of M&PS and H&SS


S.NoAuthorsPublication Details
1Dr.KavithaStructural and Electrical Properties of ZNO-CUO NANO Composite thin films, Dr.Kavitha, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Published in a Scopus Indexed Journal “Sensor Letters”, 2019
2Dr.KavithaStructural , Optical and Microscopy Analysis OF ZNO-CUO NANO Composite thin films, Dr.Kavitha, Associate Professor, Department of Physics Published in Adalya Journal, ISSN No: 1301-2746, December 2019
3Dr.Y.V.Sita.VaniA wide ranging subclass of generalised Harmonies – Unavelent Function for Coefficient Characterisation, Dr.Y.V.Sita Vani, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Published in Journal Critical Reviews, ISSN: 2394 –5125, Volume 6, Issue 5, 2019
4Dr.Y.V.Sita VaniImplementation of Certain System, Dr.Y.V.Sita Vani, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Published in Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical & Control System, Volume 2, Issue 8, 2019
5Dr.A. SureshStereo Selective Insertion of Benzynes into Lawsones: Synthesis of Biologically Important Benzannulated Bi Cyclo [3.3.0] Octanes, Dr.A. Suresh, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry Published in Chem. Eur. J., 25, pp.1177 – 1183, 2019
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