Association of Electrical Engineers (EEE)

Department Level Associations

Department Level Associations are formed in all the departments to conduct technical activities and competitions among students. Students organise all the activities of the association. The activities of these associations help the students develop organising skills, leadership qualities, management skills, team spirit, many other soft skills and technical skills.

AEE  Association of Electrical Engineer’s

Association of Electrical Engineers was formed in EEE department in 2008 with an intension to develop technical and professional skills among the electrical engineering students and encourage their participation in various activities like technical paper presentation, technical quizzes, workshops and poster presentations .The Association functions with the following Office Bearers:
☛ Faculty Coordinator    ─    Mr.T.Sudarshana Rao, Asst. Prof.B.Sushma, Asst. Prof.
☛ President    ─    P. Dinesh
☛ Secretary    ─    B. Benerji
☛ Treasurer    ─    A. Sai Rohith
☛  Executive Members (CR’s)  G. Vinay Reddy, Tanvi Kote, V.Vamshi Krishna, B. Yashwanth Reddy, T. Charitha Reddy

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