Music Club

Faculty Coordinators

Sl.noNameDesignationDepartmentMail-idContact number
1K Naveen

Student coordinators:

Sl.noNameRoll n umberBranchYear & section
1Sushmith20B61A6618CSE-AI&ML I
2R. BinduShreya20B61A04A0ECE I-C
3B. Veenila20B61A0520CSE I-A
4P. Sri Deeksha20B61A6635CSE-AI&ML I
5B. SaiKiran20B61A0418ECE I-A

Music Competition:

On the occasion of August 15th 2021, NMREC Music club conducted a music competition in virtual mode. The performances of the shortlisted students can be viewed from the link below.

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