Theater Club

The Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College (NMREC) Theater Club helps the members communicate their thoughts in front of an audience and in short movies, shows, and dramas.

About 30 Theatre Club members were the participants. Students were initially guided about how to write script, and how to make choice of theme. Students formed four groups and were given time to create a skit of their choice.

Many of the students who joined the Theatre club were introverts who, during rehearsals focusing on voice projection, would giggle when told them to speak from the diaphragm.

Participation in the club made many of these quiet, shy students to perform their talent in public, which would have been too nerve-racking for them previously.

Details of the Faculty coordinator for theatre club

Dr. S M Abdul Mannan Husain
Associate Professor
Civil Engineering Department
Mail id:

Details of the student coordinators for theatre club

  1. Name : V. Sai charan teja
    Roll No: 20b61a05e4
    Branch : CSE
    Year : l/IV
    Section : C
    Mail id :
    2.Name : A. Madhumitha
    Roll No: 20b61a0507
    Branch : CSE
    Year : l/IV
    Section : A
    Mail id :


Theatre Club session will be on every Friday from 2:30 pm to 3: 20 pm

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