About the Library

The main library of the college was inaugurated by Prof: Mohd. Suleman Siddiqi the then Vice Chancellor of Osmania University, On 2nd December 2006.

NMREC Library provides a comprehensive collection of books (Reference and Text) and periodicals on various subjects.

Library accommodates huge collection of Reference and Textbooks, along with 100 + Print Journals, Periodicals, Magazines, Back files of Project Works and Audio Visual materials. The Digital Library and a spacious Reading Room facility with seating capacity of 150 users is available for the users. The Digital Library is Equipped with Modern infrastructure and Subscribed Online E-Journals with vast Database. Membership in National Digital Library, NPTEL Courses, NPTEL Lectures, E-books, and Wi-Fi enabled LAN facility provision is made available for the users of the library, along with Scanning and Reprographic facility. All Library transactions are carried through NewGenLib Library integrated Software.


Printed Journals, Periodicals and Newspapers : Library subscribes printed Journals, Periodicals and English, Telugu and Hindi Newspapers daily which can be accessed in the Reading Room

Working Hours

☛ Library works from : 09 : 00 am to 6 : 00 pm
☛ Library will remain closed on all Sundays, and other public Holidays.

Mission / Objectives


Our vision for the NMREC Library is to provide excellent resources and innovative services to
encourage creativity, intellectual curiosity, and to facilitate lifelong learning and research within our students.


To support the academic and research needs of the students and staff of NMREC, and improve
the quality of technical education by bringing it at par with national and international benchmarks, is the core mission of the NMREC Library. To realize this mission, the Library provides access to the reading and research material in print and digital formats and more.


 To procure more reading material such as monographs and reference books for meeting
the academic and research needs of all our students and faculty members
 To subscribe and obtain research material such as peer-reviewed journals and
conference proceedings of both international and national repute
 To build a complete digital database of resources such as e-journals and e-books from
various publishers

Rules & Regulations

Library Rules & Regulations

1. The library is open from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm on all college working days
2. The library is closed on college holidays
3. Persons desirous of using the library shall scan his/her ID card when check-in and check-out
4. Strict and absolute silence shall be observed in the Library
5. Cell Phone to be switched off inside the Library
6. Bags, Handbags, Raincoat, Jerkin and Casual wears are strictly prohibited inside the library
7. Users are requested to keep their belongings at the entrance of the Library
8. Books will be issued to the members only on producing the Identity card. Identity Cards are not transferable. Books will not be issued on the others Identity Card
9. If any book is lost or damaged beyond repair, the person responsible shall replace it with a new copy or pay double of the cost of the recent price and handling charges or as may be decided by the librarian
10. Any kind of marking, underlining, clipping of books is absolutely forbidden. Readers shall be held responsible for any damage done to the book belonging to the Library and shall be required to replace such book or pay the value thereof
11. Under special circumstances, the Librarian may refuse the issue of books or recall the books already issued from any user without assigning any reason thereof
12. More than one renewal will not be allowed of books
13. Reminders will be sent to individuals by SMS and email
14. The borrower will be responsible for any loss or non-return of any books issued against  his / her account
15. Reference books, Magazines, Journals should not be taken out
16. New arrivals list will be displayed on Library OPAC
17. The Library may accept donation of manuscripts, books, periodicals etc. from the donors. Such donations once accepted will become the absolute property of the College
18. The books should be returned in on or before the due date. Else fine will be incurred for each day of delay. At present the overdue charge is one rupee per day

Note: The above rules are intended to regulate the use of library resources and will be reviewed
Any changes in the rules or instructions or information to users will be notified on the Library Notice Board as and when required



The Library services / facilities include Circulation Service, Reference Service, , Inter Library Loan Service, Photocopying / Printing Service, Orientation and Information Sessions, Selective Dissemination of Information,  Digital Library.

Circulation Services

Library materials are borrowed and returned at the circulation desk, which is located near the main entrance.

Reference Services

Library provides reference and referral service to its users. Queries are answered using all possible sources.


Photocopying and printing facility is available with the library. Users can get the photocopy of required information from reference materials (like reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals and magazines etc.) on payment.


Multimedia section is established in library with 30 latest computers equipped with multimedia and internet facilities. Equipments required for the use of different types of information media (like CDs, DVDs, Audios, Videos etc.) are available in this section so that users can have better access to the information resources in digital format.

OPAC : Online Public Access Catalogue

☛  OPAC gives the access to the NMREC Library database.
☛  OPAC allows the users to know the library collection and the status of the Library Resources.
☛  OPAC allows the users to search the database by Title, Author, Call Number, Accession Number of the document/book
☛  CONTACT Information : Phone : 040-29705020,04029705020 Extn:304
☛  Email-

Our Collection

General Collection

NMREC library has a collection of more than 34000 books on all subjects relevant to the courses taught at the College. Moreover, books on general knowledge, GATE,IELTS History, Geography and Fiction etc are also available.

Click here to view the collection catalogue

National and International Print Journals

The e-ShodhSindhu will provide current as well as archival access to more than 10,000 core and peer-reviewed journals and a number of bibliographic, citation, and factual databases in different disciplines from a large number of publishers and aggregators to its member institutions including centrally-funded technical institutions, universities and colleges that are covered under 12(B) and 2(f) Sections of the UGC Act.

Objectives  of e- ShodhSindh

The main objective of the e-ShodhSindu: Consortia for Higher Education E-Resources is to provide access to qualitative electronic resources including full-text, bibliographic, factual and legal databases to academic institutions at a lower rates of subscription. The major aims and objectives of the e-Shodh Sindhu are as follows:

☛ Develop a formidable collection of e-journals, e-journal archives and e-books on perpetual access basis;

☛ Monitor and promote usage of e-resources in member universities, colleges and technical institutions in India through awareness and training programmes;

☛ Negotiate rates of subscription for all e-resources required by all higher education institutions (HEIs) and offer them to all for subscription;

☛ Extend all services of eShodhSindhu to core as well as other institutions on subscription payment basis;

☛ Provide access to subscription-based scholarly information (e-books and e-journals) to core as well as associate members;

☛ Provide access to scholarly content available in open access through subject portals and subject gateways;

☛ Bridge digital divide and move towards an information-rich society;

☛ Take-up additional activities and services that require collaborative platform and are not being performed by existing Consortia; and

☛ Moving towards developing a National Electronic Library with electronic journals and electronic books as its major building blocks.


E-Books Links

National Digital Library of India (NDLI)

National Digital Library of India (NDLI) is a virtual repository of learning resources that is not just a repository with search/browse facilities but provides a host of services for the learner community. It is sponsored and mentored by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, through its National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT). Filtered and federated searching is employed to facilitate focused searching so that learners can find the right resource with the least effort and in minimum time. NDLI provides user group-specific services such as Examination Preparatory for School and College students and job aspirants. Services for Researchers and general learners are also provided. NDLI is designed to hold the content of any language and provides interface support for the 10 most widely used Indian languages. It is built to provide support for all academic levels including researchers and life-long learners, all disciplines, all popular forms of access devices and differently-abled learners. It is designed to enable people to learn and prepare from best practices from all over the world and to facilitate researchers to perform inter-linked exploration from multiple sources. It is developed, operated and maintained by the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.


Digital Library

1. National and International eJournals subscriptions.
2. NDLI Membership
3. NDLI Club membership
4. E-Books , NPTEL Courses Lecturers, and other material from the internet
5. Provides Access to Online E-Journals DELNET, INFLIBNET (Nlist), NDLI.
6. Provides Access to E-books.

Project Achieves

Project works done by students can be accessed in the below link.

Best Library User

For any library related queries please contact at
Phone : 040-29705020,04029705020 Extn:304

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