Photography & Digital Media Club

Have you wondered where the photo montages during presentations come from, or how the cool effects in a video are made, and who keeps the mics and audio running during assembly sessions?  We’re the ones behind photo montages, filming and photo coverage of events, as well as the audio-visual duties behind all these events.
The Photography and Digital Media club was created with the intent to provide students an opportunity to explore their creativity in digital media including; videography, photography, graphical design and more. Students were given the opportunity to develop their skills through programs such as video editing, short film projects, exhibitions and competitions.By capturing the moments in various college level events, the media club plays an integral role.
We ensure that the media club will flourish into a well-known extra-curricular activity that allows students to gain good experiences and enjoy fully, as well as support their passion for the different areas of media. We also ensure that we can influence people around us to appreciate the media better, and encourage them to take part in these activities as well.
Around 150 students from different departments of the college had inclined their passion towards photography, videography, by getting engaged in interesting workshops and in competitions that allow students to fully showcase their potential.
As a part of the club, students have organized different events which include themes like photography walk, night time photography, street life photography, portrait mode and many more.
As long as you have a passion for media – be it photo, video or audio-visual, and you have the initiative to volunteer for events, join the media club.
Link to join the club:

Student Coordinators: Umesh – 7337423988
Manasa – 7386783595
Ganesh – 8897242553

Faculty Coordinators: P. Jayakrishna, Asst.Prof, ECE – 9392464695
P.Shiva Prasad, Asst.Prof, ECE – 9032873122
K. Ramulu, Asst.Prof, EEE – 9908215236

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