Cookery Club

Cooking promotes lifetime skills like healthy cooking and team work starting at a very young age. Youth who lack healthy cooking knowledge may rely on packaged foods or prepared foods containing questionable nutrition value. 

Food intake is influenced by family eating patterns and through interaction with peers. Early food experiences can have a significant effect on food likes and dislikes and on eating habits in later life. The Cookery club of the college meets once in a fortnight and the members together cook a healthy and delicious meal to be shared with all their friends.

It is a wonderful opportunity for the students to explore and engage with a skill they are going to use for a lifetime!! The Cookery club students are the ones who enjoy the most munching away dishes every time they meet!!

Therefore, it is important to teach students how to cook and to encourage them to develop their cooking skills. Introducing healthy cooking in college has many benefits: 

  • Cognitive Development: Cooking encourages students thinking, problem-solving and creativity.
  • They spend time cooking instead of being engaged in television and mobiles.
  • Cooking in college can build positive memories that promote future healthy and enjoyable cooking.
  • The cooking ability acquired by the students in college would be very useful to them if they happen to visit foreign countries for work or higher studies.

A key skill is the ability to take responsibility for your actions and for tasks/jobs/activities. By learning all aspects of cooking, kids will learn to take responsibility for each and every step in cooking – even cleaning up. There are many life skills required and are developed by planning, organizing, purchasing food, and preparing snacks & meals which are part of cooking. In addition, there are many learning outcomes such as: healthy eating habits, creativity, working with others, safety and responsibility.

Self-cooked food is healthier than readymade meals or convenience food. Students will come to know what goes into their body by measuring the oil, salt, sugar, and other ingredients in each recipe. Students can also select the fresh, organic, seasonal or other preferred ingredients they want to add. It doesn’t have to be too onerous.

For the past 3 years, Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College conducting cookery club for the future benefits of B. Tech and MBA students. The club is coordinated by Dr. Chandrashekhar A., Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering department. Every Saturday cookery club activities are conducted from 03:30 pm to 04:30 pm through online flatform mode. From all department such as Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science, AI and ML, Mechanical Engineering and MBA students joined club with their interest. A total of 64 students joined in this club.

To ensure the smooth running of cookery club activity, respective coordinators are selected Ms. A. Sai Radha Sri Lalitha (Computer Science and Engineering) as a girl representative from girls’ group and Mr. Dinesh Reddy (Mechanical Engineering) as a boy representative from boys’ group. Respective club faculty members briefly instructed about cookery club activity and students were asked to actively participate during allotted time for cookery club.

Name Of Recipe :Dry Bhel Puri

Mr. Vikas from Mechanical Engineering Department and his team preparing Bhel Puri.

Ms. Bhargavi from III Year Electrical Engineering Department and her group enjoying while having Bhel puri.

Name of Recipe: Elachi/Cardamom Tea

Ms. Swetha from II Year Computer Science Department and her team preparing Elachi/Cardamom Tea.

Name of Recipe: Gajar Ka Halwa 

Ms. Vaishnavi from III Year Computer Science Department and her team preparing Gajar Ka Halwa

Preparing Gajar Ka Halwa.

Name of Recipe: Macronies

Mr. Vamshi Goud from III Year Civil Engineering Department and his group preparing Macronies recipe.

Name of Recipe: Poha

Ms. S. Bhargavi from III Year Electrical Engineering Department and her group prepared Poha recipe.

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