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Excerpts from SRUSHTI – The College Magazine

V Shantan, ME Design Engineer, Hyundai

My passion to see the world was fostered at Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College. The talks with my professor made me realize that everything is connected. To be a part of the college that endeavors in planting the seeds that will translate into a more peaceful environment is something that NMRian will cherish.

Tejaswini Gummadavelli, ECE Programmer- Testing Competency, Alliance Global Services

There is a great transition from College to the Corporate World, but the kind of discipline at NMREC towards the punctuality, regularity and promptness for the given task and even the dress code helped us to be a professional, developing a good affiliation at the work place and to build the firm foundation with a great confidence for a career. The special campus life at NMREC made us to easily get adapted to the professional work culture.

Naveen Jaiswal Singh.R, ME Design Engineer, Hyundai.

I am proud to be an NMRian. I don’t know what the life was and how to live a life in a systematic and dignified way, then the college i.e. “Nalla Malla Reddy engineering college” opened the new doors to my life where college showed me many routes to choose but the correct path was guided by my lecturers where each and every moment they used to guide us and tell every time the way to success. In terms, college chairman helped in every aspect not only in studies but also in sports he used to show a goal to us and used to tell what and why goals are to be achieved and how to achieve them. My college made me stand on my own legs and my heartfelt thanks to my chairman and to all my professors to make me stand and face the brightening world, achieve more goals and success in my life.

B.Aditya Prapul Teja, IT

NMREC is well known for its rules and regulations, where, by following them one can succeed in academics as well as disciplinary activities.

B.Sai Chaitanya, CSE

I have learnt many things related to human tendencies, attitudes and other social relations, the experiences, which would help me to have success life long. According to me my college life is mainly my friends, faculty and people I have met during my four years.

R Srinivas, ME Design Engineer, Infotech Enterprises

Starting of my college days I felt nervous because I have come from Telugu medium but it was my friends who encouraged and supported me. I am happy as I learnt under the two great persons Mr. G.V.RAO and Dr P.MOHANDAS who are equal to scientists and retired from DRDL. Each and every faculty and friends and their support, advice during my engineering days which further helped me to learn and apply in building my career. We thank to our college chairperson who gave lot of encouragement at each and every moment and providing the basic things in college, especially sports which we used to enjoy. We conducted some events like Addicta, Stalls and Sambhavath. I feel great and thankful to the institution and it’s my privilege to speak about my college.

S.Anil Kumar, IT

NMREC is having good infrastructure and sports activities.

T V R Apparao, ME Trainee Engineer, ATLAS COPCO

Without education, there is no independence because you have cornered yourself into a hole, and will never be able to do what you want to do. Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College exceeds expectations… Its passion to Learning, Service and Involvement, Creativity and Innovation, Academic Excellence, Dignity and Respect, Integrity makes it a standout performer.

N T Rajender Prasad, ME Design Engineer, Hyundai (R&D)

Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College has blossomed with such a commitment. The student centric approach of the professors helped them in understanding our needs and then working on approaches to overcome the situations. It is their path of reality which was laid for us. I substantiate my claim of success to my professors.

Navdeep Singh Tonk

Our college has good infrastructure, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and one of the most important aspects is discipline along with good lab facilities and well experienced staff.

Kartik Naragoni, ME

I am happy to be a part of one of the most renowned engineering colleges in Hyderabad. I am very much satisfied with staff and laboratories provided by college. The way of teaching and learning is tremendous where the subjects were taught practically making the things learn easily. The rules and regulations learnt in the college will be helpful to us in personal as well as professional life. Joining this college I made good friends and I hope and wish the college will encourage the innovative ideas of students by facilitating necessary things and seeking the voices of staff and students for better education and making the college to be an icon. Many more industrial visits would enhance the career of the students to probe confidently into this competitive world. Last but not the least, I thank all my teachers for being cooperative in completion of our academics and project successfully.

Vikram, ECE

NMREC has good faculty and the entire infrastructure equipped with lab facilities.

Rentu Philipose, Mechanical Engineering J.V. Roulments International Pvt. Ltd.

It’s my great pleasure and privilege to give a review about the institution. I would like to share two important aspects of the institution: Discipline Proper dressing and time maintenance. Being a part of an international company (J.V. Roulments International Pvt. Ltd) that demands a high degree of discipline and professionalism; Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College has gifted it to me and I stand successful. It is not only the knowledge or high marks that is needed but also the discipline and the personal communication that is sought after by the company.

Vikhyath Reddy (

Graduate Student. Department of Computer Science – School of Networking. North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA. (former student of IT, 2006-2010 batch)

Alle Anil, MBA

The college has taught me to be strong not only mentally but physically as well, as it is required for my marketing job in Trulogics Software Web solutions.


The discipline in the college regarding the timings, uniform and wearing ID cards has made me a disciplined employee in my organization Bata India Ltd. This has paid very rich dividends to me.

Sujith Yadav, MBA

The logo of our college inspired me to look out What, Why and How in every walk of my life to ensure success I hope this philosophy is useful in getting good result in NET / JRF which I am going to attempt this year.

N.Savita, MBA

The upbringing of students and strategies adopted by management would go in a long way for the benefit factor of the students to obtain a job in Kantar Operations.

Vidya Sunitha, MBA

The various event organized in our college has instilled confidence in me to become a performance manager in Stellen Solutions

P. Mounika, MBA

The college has encouraged me to inculcated good habits and discipline ultimately, it has led to become good officer in Gayatri Co-operative Urban Bank


Hi, My name is Abhishek Pathak. I graduated from NMREC in the year 2015 from mechanical engineering. Currently I am associated with cyient infotech from past 3 years (joining date: 2 May 2016). My job profile includes thermal analysis on Hydrodynamic bearings, low pressure compressor, sealing technology in aero engines. My end client is Pratt and Whitney. One good experience from NMREC during my stay was I had freedom to learn anything of my interest. The college gave me a chance to explore in all areas. In second year I went to IIT- kharagpur for a small entrepreneur ship training program. In the same year I had month training from BHEL R.C. Puram on manufacturing of gas turbines. In third year I went to R.K. University Rajkot for another program on innovative thinking. After that I had an internship in Bhushan power and steel in steam and gas turbine power plant. Finally in fourth year I had a chance to visit NIT suratkal on unmanned aerial vehicles and gas turbine propulsion system. Thanks to my HOD during 2015, Mohandas sir for his continuous support on above training sessions. Coming to subjects I respect Ramesh sir, Bhushan Sir, Rajesham sir and Mohandas sir for their knowledge and support during the stay. Finally I thank the management for their valuable support and guidance. Last a small message to every student reading this message and wanted to be in core technical field, please read AUTHENTIC BOOKS THOUGH IT IS TUFF TO UNDERSTAND. Nowadays there are enough online lectures for any concept.


Hi, I am Naresh Reddy Kolanu. I completed my B. Tech (2007-2011),in the stream of Mechanical Engineering from Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College, JNTU Hyderabad. I have completed my M.Tech (2013-2015) in Mechanical and Aerospace from Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad. Presently I am Pursuing Ph.D. enrolled in the year 2015 in Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad in the topic Buckling and Post Buckling Analysis of Composite Structures. Thanks to the support given by the college in accomplishing my career successfully.


Hi, I am Salver Sai Teja and I started Avega Technologies. My company supplies IoT based projects. The qualities which I possess today are because of my college.


Hi, I am Kiran. I completed my engineering from the stream of Mechanical Engineering. Well, It was really an awesome journey at NMREC. A Special thanks to all of my faculty members who were strict when I was a student, but today I realize the value of l^DI 1 I them. I am currently working as senior design engineer for mining equipment’s at Cyient Limited. From the Past 7 Years I have worked for various industrial equipment’s like pressure vessel, Tanks & under Ground Feeder Breaker’s. Very happy to be a part of NMREC ALUMNI”.


Hi, I am Arun Kumar Akari studied in NMREC from 2011 to 2015; in the stream of mechanical engineering. I will be grateful to NMREC and Department of mechanical Engineering. Faculty in mechanical Department helped me to choose right path in my career. Design & Development Initiation from college days helped me a lot, as a result today I am working as an Engineer in Renault Nissan Technology & Business Centre, Chennai for the domain Design and Development of Body In White of Vehicle. I will be always thankful to my Faculty and the management.


Hi , I am Aditya Agarwal alumni of ECE department NMREC. Presently I am the founder and CEO of RACEWAY IMPEX Pvt. Ltd., importers and wholesalers. My company manufactures PCBs and Electronic Components. It is the knowledge that college has provided which made me stand unique today.


Hi, I am Koushik Busim, alumni of ECE department NMREC, I started a company named “Broader Insight” along with Jayavardhan Baikan. This company is all about career development. NMREC has given me the chance to explore in all aspects. I am very grateful to all my faculty members and management.


Hi, I am Goli Prashanth Reddy (MBA, 2008-10 batch) working as Arithmetic and Reasoning faculty for UPSC/SSC/TSPSC/APPSC/IBPO Examinations since 9 years. I have written many articles for Namaste Telangana News Paper and also authored two books on Reasoning and Arithmetic’s for competitive examinations. I am also working as faculty for Mana TV T-Sat channel. I am really thankful for the college for helping me to focus on career and improve my communication skills. The college helped me aspire high and reach my I am successful in all the aspects related to career.


Hi, I am Upender Surabhi. I completed my engineering in the stream of ECE from NMREC. It gives me great pleasure to describe myself and share my experience with the college that helped me in shaping my career.My father was a farmer and since childhood I learned to work hard, helping my parents with their daily work during school days. Though my parents had studied till 5th Standard, they well understood the value of education and their only dream was to give the right education to their was back in 2008 when I just finished my intermediate education in a local junior college with 97.7% and decided to pursue engineering studies.
Before joining in engineering college, I still remember the day when I asked a teacher in a computer institute how to power on a computer.My elder brother who was a government school teacher helped me to find an engineering college in Hyderabad and finally I got admission in Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College. The college helped me to understand how practical learning is more important than theoretical learning and how it is important, especially for an engineering student. The excellent lab and library facilities available in the college enabled me to understand basics and boost innovative thinking. Though I was good at academics, the college helped me to identify my areas of improvement and finally I understood the importance of communications skills. I used to regularly go to the reading room available in the college with all English, Telugu newspapers and different technical magazines. This practice helped me to improve my communication skills, build vocabulary and understand technology trends happening in the tech industry.The best part was faculty were very supportive,provided best guidance and almost everything was available in terms of learning and sports. College really helped to better understand me and unleash my potential to a greater extent. Soon after completing my engineering, I got a Job Offer in Nokia Networks as a software R&D engineer through college referral drive. I believe it is very important for an engineering student to gain practical knowledge by participating in technical seminars and workshops and be well aware of the technology changes happening in their field of interest. Currently, I am working as a senior software engineer for a Tech Company in San Francisco Bay Area, California.
I really feel grateful to the college that helped me to put myself in the current position.


Hi, I am Kiran D (2008-10 batch) from MBA working as Regional Business Manager for Eris Life Sciences ltd, which is one of the fast growing Pharmaceutical Company. I started my career as store manager for Bata India Pvt Ltd, later I j oined Eris Life Sciences Ltd as a business executive in the year 2011. Presently, I am working as Regional Business Manager and am In charge of Eris Life Sciences Telangana state.


A Word On Data Science: (Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)
I’m Bharath Narla, an alumnus of NMREC from 2011 batch. I have done my in the stream of ECE. Later, I went on to pursue PG Diploma in Banking and worked as a banker for 3 years. I was introduced to handling data in my banking days. Part of my job was to send reports to regulators such as RBI and Enforcement Directorate. During this time, I understood the power of decision making using the insights from data. As a Data Scientist, now I closely work with clients on consulting problems to find solutions using machine learning techniques. We have worked on problem statements like generating trading signals for a hedge fund, optimizing coal procurement plan for largest metal manufacturer in India, finding patterns to identify onset of critical illness for a health care start-up. Currently I’m exploring the financial domain to make use of the data science techniques to help solve the problems.
What is data science?
Let us say you are newly recruited by a bank and your job is in the loan processing department. You are responsible for accepting or rejecting the loan applications. Think about what all factors of a customer would you consider, deciding to accept or reject a loan. You would then look, if all the data that you need is available in the application form and take the help of your seniors or your training to make your decisions. Even after considering all this information, how sure are you about the decision? It is still not better than a coin toss.
So, what can you do and how does the data science help you? Go back to your seniors and ask them for the following data, all the records of applications processed both accepted and rejected records. Once the data is arranged in structured format, make use of machine learning algorithms to understand from the past data about the factors influencing the application status. Also, you get to know how good the performance of the algorithm is. If the results are satisfactory, make use of this algorithm to decide the status of applications. Based on model performance you now know how sure you are about each decision or how correct is it.
Data Science is all about finding patterns from your past data and assume that the future data will follow the same distribution and make use of the insights to decide about the future.
How does it work?
In the above example, all the factors you collected to make the decision is ‘x’ and the outcome or the decision is ‘y’. What machine learning algorithms try to do is, to find a function f(x) that best describes they. One of the basic functions we use is y =mx -I- c. You guessed it right! It’s a line equation, we try to fit a line assuming the x and y are linearly related and check how good that line can explain the relationship. Once the results are satisfactory, to make our predictions, we pass the values of V to the function and the point estimate on the line is our prediction.
Similarly, there are numerous algorithms that try to fit various functions either linear or nonlinear and the way they do it, how fast they do it and how good they do it is the measure of performance of an algorithm. No single algorithm works best on all kinds of data and it the responsibility of adata scientist to understand the data and conduct several experiments to find a suitable algorithm to get the best results.
The class of problem statement explained is called supervised learning, where you know, what are you trying to find the function for, in this case deciding weather to give a loan or not. There are other class of problems called unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning and recommender systems. Why is it popular now?
As I discussed earlier, fitting a line is still a big deal in the data science industry, in fact one of the industry experts said, you are 95% data scientist if you know how to fit a line between x and y. So, if the functions are so basic what’s new about it?
It is not about the algorithms that is new but the way they are used. Now a days collecting, storing and processing the data is much easier and cheaper in the past. As the organisations piled up the data, they started investing in finding patterns. Reduced computing costs have had a major impact in the data science industry. People started coding up the algorithms and created libraries of code bases once the data started to flowing in.
What’s the future?
With the advancements in technology to collect, store and process data, industry in figuring out, processing large volumes of data, complicated data and quick ways of processing the it. And the term coined to this phenomenon is called the Artificial Intelligence.
Currently there are algorithms that can do a job better than a human, like identifying cancer by studying the patient’s mammogram report. Present day systems do a better job than a panel of doctors!
How can you get involved?
Most of the times that I have observed, it is not about who has the best technical knowledge, it is all about how well you can apply it in solving real world problems. What might help is to, either to find a problem statement and try solving it using various techniques or trying to understand how each technique that you are learning can be used for problem solving. And I find this is what is missing in our learning.
Finally, apiece of advice from my side for efficient learning:
Explore different domains, understand various problem statements, build interest in one of them and start working towards solving it, during this process you will learn about various techniques even if they help or not in solving your problem.
For all that you are learning, put it in a real world scenario, come with use cases of where all it helped solving the problems and understand why it worked there.

Rajesh Vangala Msc in Mechanical engineering
Hochschule Rhinewaal university of applied sciences,Germany

What is great about studying in Germany??
Some years ago, a dream for most of the students is either USA or UK. But, my sister went to Germany to pursue her Post Doctoral Research. Greatly inspired by her I chose Germany as my destination for doing my masters. Preparations had begun right from the time I was studying engineering at Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College.
As I reached here I understood many things about Germany, which offers 320 + international masters degree programmes in various fields and offered in English for free of cost (with little fees).Well, in the university in which I am studying there are students from more than 30 nationalities with more than 5000 students.
Moreover, the very first automobile in the world to the latest BMW I8 is from Germany, which shows that it is a hub of automobiles and mechanical engineering. So, if you dream to do your masters especially in mechanical engineering or automobiles, I could say Germany is the best option.
My stay in Germany from a past couple of months turned out to be a most interesting learning experience. My bachelors study at NMREC has given me the platform for learning all the basics and stood supporting all the time. Thank you NMREC!!
Germany-The land of Ideas

A word from the other side of the world … It is important to note that engineering and medicine are the two most important streams in India where you land on the buck even if you screw up a little. Almost everybody is either a doctor or an engineer. And to satisfy the engineers dreams there are tons of IT companies around. Graduate from college, get a job and earn some money. This is how we usually look at things when we are doing our under graduation. But one important fact which we usually miss out on is “how important we actually are?”. Irrespective of your answer to that question, you will end up getting a job. If not soon, then sometime later. Now the answer to that question is how would you look at things ?. Remember, it is out my own personal experience I have learned that the more skilled you are, the more you are worth. You do not have to be skilled in everything you do. Be skilled in at least one thing that you learn each year during your under graduation. For the matter of fact, programmers in C are always payed twice the amount when compared to programmers in Java or other application level languages. All you need to do before you graduate is be very good at C, and that does not happen very easily. It needs a lot of practice and patience dealing with “Segmentation faults”. In the west, there is a clear distinction between the salaries paid to the employees depending on the kind of work they do. Core systems jobs (again dealing with C, C++) are twice the worth of a web UI designer job. If you are really planning on getting a job which is your “worth” then finding the right job should not be difficult. Therefore it is very important to make sure your skills are fine tuned by the time you graduate, because that is the ultimate factor which will decide how much you are going to get paid on your first job. And all you need to do is 4 things – 1.Learn one programming language (C > C++ > Java). 2.Learn one scripting language (Perl preferably, Python also will do). & 3.Learn one database query language (MySQL, Oracle g/i, etc – no one really cares which one as long as you have the concepts correct). 4.Know how to use all the above 3 together. Considering that you have 4 years in undergrad, doing one each year should not be difficult. You will only find your worth after the 4 years if you stick to the above 4 points. Getting a job is not important, getting the “right” job is important. And your resume is your advertisement to the company, the better the advertisement the better the outcome. Start writing your resume from the 1st year. Even if you have nothing to write on it, write those things which you would want to have knowledge about by the time you finish graduation. That way you are going to keep a track of whether you are going in the right direction. Resume writing is the most boring job in the world and the most important too. If you find that your resume has a lot of empty spaces, you will realize that you need to work harder to fill in those empty blanks. Keep updating your resume each year to see how much you have actually covered. And make sure you use those 4 years to fill in at least 2 pages of your resume. Ask questions! You are paying your tuition fee each year and you have the right to bug your lecturers with questions. If they do not answer, you find out the answer and let them know the answer. Be a public speaker, a company would any day prefer a candidate who can sell an air conditioner to an Eskimo than someone who can sit in front of a computer and code. Have the ability to convince people, if you can convince people then you can convince your HR. And most importantly do not forget to have fun, life in graduation (Masters/Phd) is hectic and all the memories of fun you are going to have will be of those 4 years in undergrad. Work hard, party harder, get a degree and find the “right” job.

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