Language Improvement and Mentoring

Language Improvement and Mentoring

Language is the basis for communication and for education. As English is the medium of instruction adapted in Higher Education, proper language skills become inevitable for students involved in Higher Education. 

In a an extensive ground level study conducted by us, it was observed that the quality of the graduates and their employability levels are mostly dependent on their Language Skills. Being able to write correctly and clearly is the skill lacking in most of the students joining engineering colleges. It may not be responsibility of Higher Education Institutions to imbibe Language Skills in students. But it becomes necessary for the institutions to focus on this aspect when the students lack these skills.

To improve the language skills of students, NMREC has been conducting special language development programs for all the students starting from the first to the final year students since a decade. 

As part of the language improvement program, in addition to practising grammar and honing their writing skills, the students participate in various activities like Debates, Group Discussions, JAM Sessions, etc. Every student undergoes a rigorous training through the language improvement classes conducted daily as part of their regular academics. 

As an Autonomous institute, the Language Improvement program has been structured into various components: 

  1. Basics English for Communication
  2. English Language Communication Skills
  3. Interpersonal Communication for Soft skills
  4. English for Professional Communication
  5. Report writing 
  6. Effective Communication

Mentoring is an Essential part in the Teaching – Learning Process. Effective Mentoring  is enabled by involving all the faculty of the departments. Mentors interact with the students regularly and provide them with the required guidance and inputs. 

Special classes are allocated in the timetable for these activities to ensure regularity.

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