CSE – Research and Innovation


Research in the department of Computer Science and Engineering includes work in Community development, design and experimental areas by industry. The CSE department is actively involved in projects related to web application development, IOT, big data, wireless networks, data mining and Mobile computing, and information security. Computer Science and Engineering faculty have expertise in Information Security, Cryptography, Data Mining, Mobile Computing, Web Application Development, Wireless Networking, Image Processing, Cloud Computing, IOT and Big Data Applications.


☛ 2018 – 19 Publications

☛  Dr.Divya Nalla, A Framework for Teaching Evaluation,IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE),ISSN 2377-634X,3-6 Oct 2018.
☛ Mr.V Rajasekhar, A Decision Making system Analysis in Artificial Intelligence,Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR), ISSN 2349-5162,Vol.No 5,Issue No.12,Dec-18.

☛ 2017 – 18 Publications

☛  B.K.Madhavi,V.Mohan,Dr.Divya Nalla,Improving attainment of Graduate Attributes using Google Classroom Outcomes Based Education- Best Practices,ICTIEE 2018,January 8-9,2018 at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai,TN.
☛ Dr.R.Dinesh Kumar,Anti-Suffocation in Vehicles:Electronic Message Alert,Second International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology(ICRIET-2017) at Aurora’s Scientific,Technological and Research Academy,Hyderabad .21st &22nd December 2017
☛  A Prototype Analysis of Machine Learning Methodologies for Sentiment Analysis of Social Networks published in IJET (UAE) May-2018.ISSN:2227-524X,pg-963-967.

☛ 2016 – 17 Publications

☛ Divya Nalla, Sneha Nalla, Comparison of income of the farmer from commercial crops grown in greenhouses, modern farms and seasonal farms during 2015-16 , Conference on Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness held at Oxford University on January 29th, 2017.
☛ Divya Nalla, Sneha Nalla, Research Culture in Engineering Faculty: Its effect on the attainment of Graduate Attributes. Proceedings of IEEE sponsored conference Frontiers in Education – FIE 2016, 12-16th October 2016, held at Erie, PA, USA..

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