EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service)@NMREC

Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program was initiated at Purdue University, USA and nearly 30 universities in USA are conducting this program. Now Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College is one of the IUCEE-EPICS consortium institutions since August, 2018.

Prof. Bill Oakes, Director, EPICS Program, Purdue University; along with the IUCEE team, personally visits the IUCEE-EPICS institutions. They also conduct weekly webinars and orientation sessions for the faculty members of the consortium institutions. This includes a formal course in Design Thinking for faculty from these colleges; and mentoring for the faculty working on EPICS projects. The participating faculty and students receive formal certificates from EPICS program from Purdue University upon satisfactory completion of the projects.

Prof. Bill Oakes, Director, EPICS Program and Mrs. Heather Fabries, Operational Manager, International Programs in Agriculture, Purdue University visited NMREC on December 29, 2018 and interacted with the faculty members for conducting the EPICS projects. The team witnessed project exhibition and interacted with the students during the visit.

EPICS is a service-learning design program in which the student teams partner with local and global community organizations such as schools, local governing bodies, NGOs etc to address human, community and environmental needs.

Benefits for the Students :

☛ Gain design experience of real systems

☛ Develop teamwork & communication skills

☛ Gain project planning & leadership experience

☛ Develop customer-awareness

☛ Gain understanding of ethical, economic & legal issues

☛ Get involved in the community

The most important aspect is that the students working on real-time projects develop important skills, which are transferable to any other real world problems, making the engineering the graduates much more “employable”.

Currently, 15 faculty members from various departments are attending the Design Thinking Course; about 6 student teams are working on the EPICS projects and some more ideas from the students are at scrutiny stage.

S.NOTitle of the projectDetails of the StudentsName of the Mentor(Faculty)
1Electronic Pest Repellent for Agricultural Fields1. S. Deekshith – ECE
2. S. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy – ECE
3. P. Prashanth -ECE
1. Dr. M. Senthil Kumar
2Recycling of Storm and Drainage Water in Village Communities for Household Purpose1. K. Srikanth – CIVIL
2. M.Suresh – CIVIL
3. M. Timmappa – CIVIL
4. K. Rajesh – CIVIL
5. S. Mahesh – CIVIL
1. Mr.Vishal Akula
2. Ms. L.Shruthi
3Pesticide spraying drone1.K. Sai Akhil -ECE
2.K.S.S.J.Vasishtha – ECE
3.P. Srivathsan – ECE
1. Dr. C. Sridhathan
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