Teaching Learning

CFDM – Centre for Faculty Development and Management

Faculty are trained in the Centre for Faculty Development and Management (CFDM) of the college established in the year 2007. The Centre trains the faculty in Outcome based teaching Writing Learning Outcomes, Bloom’s Taxonomy, preparation of assessments, evidence based teaching strategies, active learning techniques, and other pedagogical trainings along with technical trainings. As part of faculty development, in order to improve the quality of the teaching learning process, a new practice has been introduced for teachers reflection. Faculty are encouraged to reflect on their teaching for each class which actually is motivating them to improve further. Senior faculty mentor junior and new faculty. Classroom observation and student feedback are implemented for teaching evaluation.

In the year 2007, the college has established CFDM, a Center for Faculty Development and Management, which provides the necessary planning and training for strengthening the teaching and learning process in the colleges. This center is a unique feature in a private engineering college as such.
Regular workshops and training programs (FDP – Faculty Development Program) are conducted for the faculty to improve their teaching skills.
The college ISTE Faculty chapter in association with CFDM conducts regular training programs for faculty of the college.
CFDM undertakes the following programs for improvement of teaching capabilities among the faculty

☛ Orientation Programs for Fresh Recruits

☛  Micro teaching sessions

☛  Classroom Observations by senior faculty

☛  Training workshops on Outcome Based Teaching, active learning techniques, and other technical subjects

☛ Laboratories Practice workshops during semester breaks to strengthen the faculty in Labs

☛  Encourage the faculty to participate in FDPs and workshops conducted outside the college regularly

☛  Encourage and enable the faculty to pursue research by providing the required support form the institute.

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