Smart India Hackathon 2023

Smart India Hackathon Grand Finale 2023 – Hardware Edition

Nalla Malla Reddy Education Society is proud to host the Grand Finale of the Smart India Hackathon 2023, serving as the nodal center for the esteemed Hardware Edition. This exciting event is scheduled to take place from the 19th to the 23rd of December 2023.

Organized by the Ministry of Education and AICTE, the Smart India Hackathon is a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation and problem-solving among the brightest minds across the nation. As the nodal center for the Hardware Edition, we are at the forefront of this technological extravaganza.
Event Details:

Date: 19th December to 23rd December, 2023

About the Event:

The Smart India Hackathon Grand Finale 2023 promises to be an intellectually charged and innovative competition where 26 teams, comprising a total of 156 participants, will showcase their problem-solving skills. The participants will tackle real-world challenges presented through 5 diverse problem statements.

This event is not just a competition; it’s a collaborative platform where bright minds converge, ideas flourish, and solutions come to life. We believe that innovation knows no bounds, and through initiatives like the Smart India Hackathon, we are sowing the seeds for a future that is driven by creativity and technology.

We extend our best wishes to all the participating teams and look forward to witnessing groundbreaking solutions at the Smart India Hackathon Grand Finale 2023.

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