MBA – Research and Innovation


Research Groups and their Activities by Area of Research

Financial Management

There is a wide scope available for research in the areas of finance management namely securities portfolios, investment banking and merger and acquisition strategies, analysis of foreign exchange rate movements, foreign exchange risk exposure, capital structure of the company. Research in finance includes market microstructure, corporate finance, and credit risks. Research in accounting includes capital market research, management control systems and performance measurement systems.

Marketing Management

The scope for research in marketing in the areas of consumption practices, consumer behavior, stakeholder behavior, firm behavior and the development of methods for improving the allocation of marketing resources. The discipline covers the design and delivery of brands, products and services, pricing, distribution, and promotion, relationship marketing, international marketing, etc…

Human Resource Management

The areas of research include recruitment and selection of employees, performance management, compensation, training and development, career support, communication and conflict, industrial negotiation, and resolution and HR strategy. Research can be done in the fields of leadership, group and team dynamics. At the macro-level, research investigates organizational ecology, governance, organizational learning, networks, institutions and markets


There is a lot of scope available for research in the areas of entrepreneurship namely Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Psychological Aspects of Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer, Social Entrepreneurship, Organizational approach to Corporate Entrepreneurship Training Interventions, Role of internet for entrepreneurial success, Role of governments to promote entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial finance, Entrepreneurship in the era of globalization, International Entrepreneurship,etc.,

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