ECE – Research and Development


The Electronics and Communication Engineering department’s active research programs provide opportunities for students to participate in projects related to design, prototype models, fabrication and testing. Students of the department take up projects in Embedded systems, Image Processing, Robotics, VLSI and Wireless Networks.

Research Area

Low Power VLSI Design, Embedded Systems, VLSI Design, Image Processing, IOT, Digital Image Processing, Networks and Sensors and Machine Learning, Communications.

On-going Research

Four faculty members are pursuing Ph.D. in the area of

 Low power memory circuits

 Reduction of the amount of radioactive tracer used in tumour detection

 Optimization of spectrum sensing parameters in cognitive radio

 Zero-Power Feed-Forward Spur Cancelation for Low Power

Research Plan

ECE Faculties are working on Low power BIST based multiplier design, Soft errors detection and correction in random access memories, Automatic object segmentation using ML algorithms, Development of segmentation techniques for detecting abnormalities in lung images using ML, Harvesting crop protection from wild animals using WSN’s, Automatic image segmentation using ML & automatic object recognition, Object recognition & emerging trends in image processing using ML algorithms, Adaptive noise cancellation, Multiplier design for DSP applications, To remove chromatic shadows exists in moving shadow detection, Medical image processing, Built in self repair for memories, Energy management using renewable energy sources as solar energy and wind energy AC power supply using ZigBee, Adaptive array antenna, Sensor networks based on IOT applications reducing power consumption in the adders, compressors and multipliers using Gate Diffusion Input (GDI).



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