Student Consortium for Advancement and Learning in Engineering Education – SCALE is a Student initiative, working in partnership with Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education – IUCEE, which is a platform, of the student, for the students. Over the past years, IUCEE has been dedicatedly working in improving the scope of Engineering Education, through its programmers and ventures.

Vision of SCALE :

To foster and establish students as means of  transforming pedagogy and praxis of engineering education.

Mission of SCALE:

To improve engineering education, in tandem with academia and industry, through empowering and fostering students as means of a positive change in local societies, imbued with pragmatic efforts aimed at creating holistic value.


A 3 Day Regional Student workshop was conducted by the IUCEE-SCALE team of NMREC on the theme “21st Century Grand Challenges in Engineering” with the three tracks – Energy, Infrastructure and Development, Advance Learning from 20th September 2018 to 22nd September 2018. Day one started with an inaugural session and keynote addresses by Principal Dr. Divya Nalla, IQAC members Dr. C.M. Varaprasad and Dr. C. Radhakrishna. Later it was followed by the facilitators Ms. A. Shreya, Mr. Luv Gupta and Mr. B. Rohit interacting with the students. The students were asked to form groups based on the three different tracks: Energy, Infrastructure and Development and Advanced Learning. On day two students started working on the posters relevant to their selected track. Day three commenced with PowerPoint presentations by the students. The event concluded by a valedictory function. The student got to learn a lot from various activities, debates, brainstorming session, discussions and much more with primary focus on Engineering Education with help of project based Learning and Outcome Based Education.

Courses offered by IUCEE:

The students of NMREC are selected to attend the courses offered by IUCEE on Soft Skills, Clean and Green campus, Student Leadership course, Artificial Intelligence.

Students working on their posters
Student Posters Exhibition

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