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Mechanical Engineerng – Engineers Day Celebrations 2021


Department Of Mechanical Engineering in Association with Eds Technologies, Bangalore has conducted 2 day faculty development program on CAD modeling techniques using CATIAV5 which aimed at introducing the advanced cad tools for effective design and simulation in mechanical Engineering.
The FDP helps faculty and professionals alike to learn the implementation of solid modeling and get hands-on experience with the real world projects. This course is structured in a pedagogical sequence to cover the topics of part design, assembly, drafting, wireframe & surface, and Generative Sheetmetal Design workbenches of CATIA V5.
The course elaborated modules which helps in mastering the skills of solid modeling using CATIA V5. These modules are given below:
☛  Part Modeling
☛  Assembly Design
☛  Drafting
☛  Generative shape design
☛  Generative sheet Metal design
About 6 faculty have attended the FDP and had hands on practice along with detailed interaction with the resource Mr. VL Krishna Kanth, Application Engineer, EDS technologies for 2 days.


With an aim to go beyond academics, the students of III year Mechanical Engineering of NMREC have visited VTPS, also known as Dr. NarlaTatha Rao Thermal power station. It was developed under 4 stages and now the following units are under operation.
1) 6 X 210 MW
2) 1 X 500 MW
A total of 34 students along with 2 faculty members, Mr. M Ranga Rao and Mr. S Rama Rao students were first allowed into the Central control room where a detailed explanation about the working of the plant was given by one of the executive engineer. They were thn taken to the different sections to observe diverse operations in a power plant. We were explained about how the coal is pulverized before feeding in to the boiler.
During the visit the executive engineer explained the following
☛  Water treatment plant that provides mineral free water for effective running of the power industry to produce steam
☛  Coal Bunkers and Bowl Mills
☛  Electrostatic separators
☛  Boilers where combustion is taking place to convert water in to steam
☛  Induced Draft Cooling Towers
☛  Arrangement of Super heaters for producing Superheated steam
☛  Steam turbines
☛  Generators for producing Electricity
☛  Control Unit from where they can see the whole process that is going on in every corner of the plant and can be monitored from the control room itself in order to alert the concerned authorities in case of any emergency.
The students witnessed the closed cycle system in which the steam gets condensed in to water and is collected in to the hot well and is again sent back to the boiler thus saving the heat energy.
They were awed to see the state of the art construction and technology of the plant. We had a great experience in visiting the plant and got an insight of the actual working of the thermal power plant while reinforcing our theoretical studies.


Industrial visit was organized to BHEL by Mechanical Engineering department for IV Year Mechanical Students on 01-11-2019.
The students were addressed by the senior Engineer processing at the gate and were explained the procedures and precautions that are to be taken during the visit. During the entrance we were excited to see the various facilities like green parks created at every manufacturing station with clear floor markings and at most tidiness they are maintaining during the machining stages. They were accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality management systems.
They were explained about BHEL as an Integrated Power plant Equipment manufacturer engaged in design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Testing and commissioning of a wide range of products and systems to the core sector industries like power, oil and gas, defense and industry.
Then the students visited Block-I, where products like steam turbines and gas turbines are being manufactured. We were told that they are capable to manufacture and deliver 5 – 6 Steam Turbo generators of 250 MW and 3 numbers of Gas Turbine with Generators of 110 MW per year, and they have been exporting these products to Middle East and Southeast Asia.


35 students of III year Mechanical Engineering have visited Sai Deepa Rock Drills Pvt. Ltd with accompanied by 2 faculty.
Mr. T. Krishna, Vice President, of Sai Deepa Rock Drills welcomed the students at the gate and congratulated all of us for choosing their company for the industrial visit as it will give a lot of in depth technical knowledge after seeing all the facilities in the plant.
Sai Deepa Rock Drills, are leaders in design and manufacturing of DTH Rock Drilling hammer of 2”- 12” diameter which are used for water wells and mining purposes. During the visit they have initially taken us to Raw material stores where several types of raw materials of various alloys have been stored for issue as and when the order comes. They have explained the selection of materials based on the purpose and the economical benefits. We have seen the colour coding procedure adopted by them for easy identification and for ensuring accuracy of material.
The students were taken to various departments and the performance of the following machines at different locations as per the process planning layout of the product under manufacture were studied.
☛ Closed Die and Open Die forged parts
☛ Automatic Cutting machines
☛ CNC Turning Machines
☛ CNC Machining Centers
☛  CNC Drilling Centers
☛  Vertical Honing Machines
☛  Seal Quenching Heat treatment furnaces
☛  Shot Blasting Machines
☛  Simulation equipment for testing of DTH Hammer before dispatch to customer.

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