Research and Development of CIVIL Department

Research under way in Civil Engineering includes, work in analytical, design and experimental areas sponsored by industry, state, and government organisations. The Department’s active research program provides opportunities for students to participate in projects related to design, analysis, and testing. Civil Engineering faculty has expertise in environmental-engineering, Geotechnical engineering, hydrology and water-resources engineering, and structural engineering. These areas also serve as topic areas for course work and are the basis for degree graduation and for PhD thesis requirements.

Research Groups and their Activities by Area of Research

Dr. Y. Sudhakar Reddy

Research Areas : Water Resource Engineering

Dr. E.V. Raghava Rao
Assoc. professor

Research Areas : Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering , Geotechnical Engineering

Dr. S. M. Abdul Mannan Hussain
Assoc. professor

Research Areas : Construction Engineering And Management

M. Surendranath
Asst. Professor

Research Areas : Bituminous Mix Design, Cement Concrete Mix Design, Block Pavements

Mr. A. Vishal
Asst. Professor

Research Areas : Concrete Technology – Special Concrete, Design And Analysis Of Structures(Residential G+10), Repair And Rehabilitation Of Structures

Ms. L. Shruthi
Asst. Professor

Research Areas : Concrete Technology, Project Scheduling & Construction Materials

Ms. R. Himabindu
Asst. Professor

Research Areas : Concrete Technology, Advance Concrete Technology, Environmental Engineering

Mr. D. Sridhar
Asst. Professor

Research Areas : Environmental Engineering

Ms. M. Sailaja
Asst. Professor

Research Areas : Concrete Mix Design Using Fibers