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NMREC enables faculty to work at their full potential level by providing facilities for research which in turn enrich their teaching. NMREC’s resolute commitment in creating a Research Environment ∶ It provides an environment conducive for research where the faculty members and students continuously update their knowledge and are always on the leading edge of learning and technology. Faculty members and students are free to set their own research agendas and are provided with exclusive labs for their specialized work. Simultaneously, Students get the benefit of learning latest updates/technologies through this cycle of Researching ╶ Learning ╶ Application and Dissemination of knowledge at a higher level Regular faculty improvement programmes and participation in various workshops and seminars provide the opportunity to share pertinent and valuable information for a synchronized collaboration of strength, skill and joint purpose.

The department has developed prototypes in the form of projects for the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical energy incorporating the advanced technologies and covering a wide range of fields such as control systems, microprocessors, electronics, electrical machines and signal processing.

The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is involved in research in the areas of Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering, Advanced Power Electronics and Electric Drives, and Renewable Energy.
EEE Dept. broadly identified the following three research fields

1. Renewable Energy Research Centre

The following renewable energy systems are available:
i. Two gobar gas plants
ii. Thermal water heating systems (tubular) 6000 liters
iii. Vermin compost plant.

The following test systems are proposed to be established.
i. Solar Photo-voltaic test system for the performance evaluation of Solar Photo Voltaic system.
ii. Wind energy resource center, Potential Wind sites Wind Climatology studies, simulation of Wind regime patterns, complex terrain studies etc.
iii. Stand-alone /grid assisted system: Bio-mass, Bio-gas plants development for rural dwellers.
iv. Solar Photo Voltaic, Wind and Bio-mass hybrid energy system for rural electrification.
v. Reliability evaluation of Hydro or Wind or Solar Photo voltaic power generation systems.

2. Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering

i. Determination of Di-electric strength of liquids and solids.
ii. Applications of insulating materials and study of its insulating strengths.
iii. Testing of Circuit Breakers. Capacitance and Di-electric loss measurement of insulating materials using Schering Bridge etc.

3. Advanced Power Electronics and Electric Drives Lab

i. Power Quality improvement using Multilevel Inverters.
ii. Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Logic based Power Electronics.
iii. Three phase induction motor adaptive modulation time domain fault diagnosis, high
iv. Frequency high voltage pulse aging study etc.


Renewable Energy Team

1. Dr. Moinuddin K Syed
2. Dr. Satyabrata Sahoo
3. Mr. K.Ramulu
4. Mr. M.Dilip Kumar
5. Mr. V.Vijay Kumar

Micro-grid Team

1. Dr. Ch. Nagaraja Kumari
2. Dr. V.Mahesh
3. Mrs. M.Aruna
4. Mrs.B.Sushma
5. Mr. T.Surshana Rao

Power Electronics Team

1. Dr. Kalirasu.A
2. Dr. N.Lavanya
3. Mrs. R.Mega Rani
4. Mrs. H.Swarnalatha
5. Mrs. T.Lavanya

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