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☛  Engineer’s Day Celebrations – An online webinar on “Understanding Cyber Security” in association with AICTE & CyberPeace Foundation”

The Computer Science and Engineering Department, Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College in association with AICTE & CyberPeace Foundation organized a webinar on “Understanding Cyber Security” on 15th September 2021 from 10 am to 12 pm, on the occasion of Engineer’s Day. The keynote speaker was Dr. Rakshit Tandon, Cyber Security Evangelist. 200 students and faculty have participated in the session.

The speaker started the session by introducing the project “E-Saksham” and gave its brief introduction.  He enlightened the session by projecting the importance of data in Cyber Crime. Data is one of the major catalysts for Cyber Crime. To prove this point he mentioned real time instances. He made the session more interactive by explaining about data breachers by showing the security check of email, using haveibeenpawned.com and how to know about fraud SMS sites by using urlex.org and smsheader.trai.gov.in/queryheader for digital wellbeing.

He also answered queries of students regarding such websites. The concept of Digital Footprints and the live presentation of safari browser to identify the trackers both also part of the session. He mentioned the importance of the data protection and type of attacks such as phishing, Cyber Terrorism. An example of fake websites SHOP99 was given which highlighted one of the major attacks. The host extended his talk by adding few of his own experiences.

Students interacted on topics of Ransomware, Keyloggers, Spyware. He has suggested few tips on how to protect devices and passwords. The speaker shifted the focus to Digital Wellbeing where he mentioned news articles which projected the recent crimes involving the children. Few precautions were mentioned which would prevent as from becoming the victims of the Cyber Crime such as critical thinking, password verification method and fact check tools.

He mentioned few IT acts involving Cyber Crimes such as computer related offenses (Section 66), identify threats, Cyber Terrorism. The social media sites which are one of the widely used applications of internet, are as addictive to Cyber criminals as nectar to the butterfly. He suggested all the victims of cyber crime to not step back and report their complaints to the Cyber police or use help lines.

The speaker concluded the session by focusing on E-Saksham project and encouraged all viewers to participate in the project and spread awareness on cyber-crimes. The event was coordinated by Dr. N. Lakshmi Priya, Assoc. Professor CSE Department and Mrs. Jamuna Rani, Asst. Professor CSE Department and jointly coordinated by the students V. Sri Ganga and V. Sai Mukesh.

☛  Engineer’s Day Celebrations – A skit on “B.Tech Journey of an Engineering Student” by CSE 3 rd year students

☛  Two weeks AICTE sponsored Faculty Development Program on Emerging Threats and Counter Measures in Information Security

Department of Computer Science & Engineering of NALLA MALLA REDDY ENGINEERING COLLEGE organised a two-week faculty development program sponsored by AICTE on “Emerging Threats and Counter Measures in Information Security”. The program was inaugurated with the traditional lamp lightening ceremony at the hands of the Chief Guest, Dr. C. Radhakrishna, Professor Emeritus and IQAC member, in the gracious presence of Dr. Divya Nalla, Director NMREC and convenor of the FDP, Dr. M.N.V. Ramesh, Principal NMREC, Mrs. B. K. Madhavi, Head CSE and coordinator of the FDP and Heads of various Departments along with the participants.
The FDP was conducted for two weeks, from 10th February to 22nd February. The aim of this faculty development program was to train faculty in topics related to Information Security and its Emerging Threats and Counter Measures.
There were several interesting sessions. The topics spanned from BlockChain Technology, Cryptography basics, hands- on sessions on ethical hacking , Case Studies. Recourse person Mr. Raghu Raman from Emurgo Technologies, Bengaluru in his keynote spoke about the emerging trends in “Blockchain Technology”. Participants gained knowledge about overview of Information security from expert Dr. Wilson Naik, Professor, School of Computer and Information sciences, Central University of Hyderabad in another session. “Cryptography and Cryptanlysis” were concepts explained by Dr Venkaiah, Professor, School of Computer and Information Sciences Central University of Hyderabad . Another expert Dr Vijendar Reddy, Scientist-SE , ADRIN, Advanced Data Processing Research Institute spoke about “Network Security: Case Study”. Participants got to learn many tools and technologies through hands-on Session on Hacking Basics, Mobile Security, Trojans, Bruteforce, Password Cracking, SQL Injection, Pentesting and Cross site attacks and many more conducted by Mr Sai Sateesh, CEO, Indian Servers. There was an interesting session on “Open Source Intelligence” by Mr. I L Narasimha Rao, Senior Project Manager, Cyber Peace Foundation  Hyderabad .
Total 68 participants from various college of Telangana and other states have registered for the program. Certificates were given to the 68 participants based on their performance in the lab, theory and attendance in the session. Valedictory function of the FDP held on Feb 22, 2020.

☛  A Bootcamp on Blockchain Technology Organized by IEEE NMREC Student Branch

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