Patents and Innovation

Sl.NoName Of The Applicant (S)/AssigneeTitleStatus (Filed/ Published/ Awarded)Patent NumberDateName of the Inventor(s)
1Dr. Divya NallaAn Attendance Capturing System Bases on S Single Facial Pattern Identification from A Group of ImageFiled20204102968831.07.20Dr. Divya Nalla
2Dr. Sitendra TamrakarA Method for Pridiction of the Type and Tield of the crop By Mapping Soil Macro Nutrients Using Cluster bases SASAwarded202010290406.01.21Dr. Sitendra Tamrakar
3Dr. Sitendra TamrakarDesign and Development of Single –Phase Preventer for three Phase induction motor Using Neutral—STAR Claimed MethodAwarded202110109621.04.21Dr. Sitendra Tamrakar
4Dr. X.S. Asha ShinyIntegrated Smart Machine Enabled Automated Trafic Duty Safety System to Mitigate Traffic FlowFiled20214101213922.03.21Dr. X.S. Asha Shiny
5Dr. X.S. Asha ShinyAn Innovative IOT based NHS Wheel chair that automatically Provides Pills for the cerebrovascular dieses pateintsFiled20204104941912.11.20Dr. X.S. Asha Shiny
6Dr. X.S. Asha ShinyEasy Banks form filing and Printing Device Using Speech RecognitionFiled20204103906810.09.20Dr. X.S. Asha Shiny
7Dr. X.S. Asha ShinySystem and Method for Analyzing Proficient and Sheltered Data Forwarding in Wireless Healthcare Observation SystemFiled20204100456402.02.20Dr. X.S. Asha Shiny
8Dr. S. PRABAGARAn IOT Based Wearable Digital Bangle to Monitor Heartbeat of FetusFiled202141003230  29.01.21Dr. S. Prabagar
9Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar Mrs.B.K.Madhavi Mr.V.Mohan Dr.X.S.Asha Shiny  An automatic advertising system for Providing personalized and visiting location based promotional offers related to near by business using machine learning model.Filed202110643622.08.21Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar Mrs.B.K.Madhavi Mr.V.Mohan Dr.X.S.Asha Shiny  
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